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Celebrating Love Found at Stony Brook University

The Ianottos with Wolfie

Tara Maloney ’16 and Andrew Wyman ’16

Tara and andrew 1“Andrew and I met at Ladies Night at The Bench in February of 2014 and have been together ever since. I studied biomedical engineering/applied math and statistics (AMS), and Andrew studied philosophy, economics, accounting and AMS (talk about an overachiever). We live and work in Cambridge, MA in the biotech/healthcare industry now. Here’s a pic of us at graduation in May 2016, our puppy Blu with our Stony Brook Legacy Way brick in May 2019, and an updated pic of our family from this past summer 2020. Forever grateful for the wonderful experience we had at Stony Brook and the opportunities it brought us!”
– Tara Maloney ‘16

Brian yonksBrian Yonks ’89 and Lorraine Yonks

“I met my wife 32 years ago! In my last semester at SBU, a suitemate of mine met a girl at the Park Bench, but never got her number. He wanted to go back and see if she was there. I was tired that night, but he was persistent, so I gave in and drove us there. She was there with a friend of hers (my future wife). Three days later was our first date. We have seen each other almost every day since.” – Brian Yonks ’89


Michael and Yeeyan MooreMichael ’00 and Yeeyan Moore ’00

“I started dating my wife in 1998, when I was a sophomore and she was a Clinical Lab Sciences student on the other side of campus. I worked at the bookstore (Wallace’s, at the time) and she worked at the Print Shop. After 10 years of dating, we married in 2008. Our first son was born in 2011 and his Cantonese middle name (“Sek Chun”) was chosen to commemorate where his mother and I first met. It means (among other things) ‘Stony Brook’.” – Michael Moore ’00


James Iannotto ’14 and Elizabeth Iannotto ’15

Image0“My husband and I met through the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band in April 2015 at the spring football game. We quickly became friends but didn’t start dating until after graduation when I came back to Stony Brook for a visit over the summer. Something clicked and we’ve been married for almost three years and have a six month old. Without Stony Brook (and the band!), I never would have met the love of my life. We’re eager to bring our daughter to her first Homecoming this fall! Pictured here is our first Homecoming together in 2015.” – Elizabeth Iannotto ’15

Rufi and arifRufi Kazi ’02 and Arif Kazi ’02

“I met my husband Arif Kazi at Stony Brook 21 years ago when we were sophomores. We met through a friend. We both lived in Tabler Quad and graduated in May 2002. We have been married for over 15 years. We made some lifelong friends at SBU. Although we moved to Georgia, Stony Brook will always be our special place. In fact, we’re planning a trip to go back with our daughter to show her where it all started for us.” – Rufi Kazi

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  • My wife and I met at SB in 1986 when we were both juniors living in Mount College. Thanks to the Stony Brook Union (we both were student building mangers and active at WUSB), as well as having the same social circle at Mount, we ended up together. We married in 1992 and now have two daughters, one of which may be going to SB Southhampton for graduate school.

    Don Lukenbill ’88 and Susan Davidson Lukenbill ’88

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