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Stony Brook Ranked Ninth Most Diverse University

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Stony Brook was named ninth most diverse university in the nation by USA Today in a February 13 photo feature.

At Stony Brook, according to the article, there is at least a 79% chance two randomly selected students will have a different race, ethnicity, or U.S. citizenship status.” Across all undergraduates nationwide, such a likelihood is about 69.6%.

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Celebrating diversity and inclusion

“For many young Americans, college is often the first time they have the chance to meet and socialize with people from other racial, ethnic, or geographic backgrounds,” the article said. “This can provide students with important experience as they begin the next phase of their lives.”

The story was based on data from 24/7 Wall St., which reviewed U.S. Department of Education numbers on the chance that two randomly selected students would have a different racial or ethnic background at four-year American colleges.

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  • Glad to see this! I was honored to be student speaker at SBU’s Winter 2004 (Class of 2005) Commencement, and my theme was about how Stony Brook is “the real world” because of its diversity of students. It really is a great school I’m proud to have graduated from…twice. 🙂