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Let’s Get Virtual: Stony Brook University Moves Fitness Classes Online

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Recreation and Wellness (RAW) has moved to virtual classes so students can work out without having to go out.

Classes range from stretching and conditioning to strenuous workouts like cardio kickboxing. Students also have access to meditation and yoga. After being online for only a few weeks, RAW has seen a total participation increase of nearly 15 percent compared to when they were in-person. 

I am very glad that I am able to provide a resource for students who may otherwise not have access to live virtual classes,” said Trinity Grasso, a personal training coordinator and graduate student.

Students can access these classes through a free application called ATLETO. The Zoom link is posted 10 minutes prior to the class, and further instructions can be found on the Stony Brook University Fitness Instagram. In addition, there are Instagram TV videos posted on the account that offer fitness challenges and healthy habits to practice.

It’s not easy to teach a virtual class, but RAW has paved its own path for success. Laura Fitzgerald, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, said that the biggest obstacle has been WiFi connections. 

“If it does happen, we have what we call a fitness attendant who is also helping with the class who can type in the chat of Zoom and let participants know what is going on,” Fitzgerald said. 

Even though students don’t have to turn on their video to participate in the class, the trainers highly encourage it. 

My favorite part of teaching a virtual class is when the students turn on their videos and interact with me,” said Trinity Grasso, “It is awesome to see people from all over coming together for a half hour to take my class and have fun with it!”

These classes are not only limited to Long Island. Instructors are teaching the classes from places like Florida and California. The classes only require a Stony Brook University email to join, so students can do their workouts from the comfort of their own homes. 

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