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Unearthing Human Ancestry

For Stony Brook researcher Isaiah Nengo, paleontology is a lot like gambling. Many long days of field work in Kenya’s arid and barren Turkana Basin reveal very little. Most of the time, Nengo walks away empty-handed...


Stony Brook Film Festival to Shine a Spotlight on Cultural Heritage, Diversity

The Stony Brook Film Festival has always been about great storytelling. This year’s festival, which is in its 23rd year and running from July 19 to July 28, is no exception. “The Stony Brook Film Festival is about great...

Esther sans takeuchi

Knapp Chair Esther Sans Takeuchi Wins European Inventor Award for Her Compact Batteries

One of the world’s leading energy storage researchers, Stony Brook University Distinguished Professor Esther Sans Takeuchi has won the 2018 European Inventor Award in the category “Non-EPO countries.” The European...


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