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Summer Gardens at Stony Brook

Front entrance campusThe revered Stony Brook sign at the front entrance is specially designed and planted as a favorite spot for graduation photos. In 2018 a small path was added to prevent the flowers from getting trampled by enthusiastic graduates. Annuals are Red and White Sunpatiens, perennials and shrubs are Yucca, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Nepeta, Vitex, and Holly.

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  • Thanks, Chris!
    I loved learning more about the campus greenery. It is so nice to take a walk and take it all in. I’ll be looking out for Alaina to say hi 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the beautiful landscape! I really enjoy walking around the campus and look at those plants ! May I suggest you to add the names of the plants on the side so that we can learn about these plants while enjoying their beauty? We are an educational institution. Why not grab the chance to “educate” viewers? Thanks for consideration!

  • Thank you Alaina for making our campus beautiful. I usually try to get out and take a walk daily and have noticed how beautiful all the plantings are. I noticed that one of your goals was have our campus designated as an arboretum. Years ago, when we were touring campuses for my son, the guide pointed out that American University in DC was designated as a an arboretum. That certainly impressed me as a parent (maybe not my son), but I am sure it will impress many prospective SBU student parents. Good luck.

  • The campus looks beautiful!

    I’d like to add a plug (no pun intended) for adding more (there are some already) northeast and Long Island native flowers, trees and shrubs to the campus.

    With this much land we could surely have a big impact on the environment by staying away from the non-native (and sometimes invasive) plants. As a University with a clear focus on our environmental impact, it seems like this is one small way we could be part of the change for the better.

    There is a robust, growing community on Long Island that is embracing native plants–let’s be a bigger part of it!

    I’m sure the many campus deer and rabbits play a part in the decisions about what to plant.

  • Beautiful! Thanks for making the campus beautiful! Nature and colorful plantings around campus will surely keep everyone happy, relaxed and present.

  • Thank for the the update. I work on the hospital side of things and don’t get a chance to
    get to the campus. Your pictures do encourage taking a walk or bike ride on the other side (LOL), before summer’s end.

    Again, thank you.

  • You have done a wonderful job making this campus beautiful Alaina, thank you! I truly enjoy my occasional lunchtime strolls now more than ever. Your work also gives me ideas about what to plant in my own gardens at home.

  • I try to take daily (or every other day) walks around campus now that it is quiet and the weather is nice, I did notice all of those and much more, it is really pretty.
    I also want to add that the landscape in front of and around Schomburg apartments is also spectacular!

  • It would be nice to see red and white echinacea’s incorporated into the landscape campus and the hospital.

  • Intriguing article. Thank you! It would be exciting to see the deciduous and perennial plantings labeled, as those interested would greatly benefit.

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