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Summer Gardens at Stony Brook

Campus flowers

Alaina’s ultimate goal is to make the campus into an arboretum. For now she enjoys transforming areas that are neglected or “bland” into something more enjoyable, such as the grassy area in front of Harriman (pictured below) that was previously a patch of dirt, and this simple corner of Circle Road on the walkway to East Campus (pictured above).

Campus landscaping


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  • Thanks, Chris!
    I loved learning more about the campus greenery. It is so nice to take a walk and take it all in. I’ll be looking out for Alaina to say hi 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the beautiful landscape! I really enjoy walking around the campus and look at those plants ! May I suggest you to add the names of the plants on the side so that we can learn about these plants while enjoying their beauty? We are an educational institution. Why not grab the chance to “educate” viewers? Thanks for consideration!