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Stronger Together: New Year, Three New Featured Colleagues

Lupfer peter 1

New year, new colleagues! Stony Brook University is excited to introduce Allison Parrish, Peter Lupfer and Margaret Echelbarger, all of whom started in 2022. Stop by the New Colleagues page on the Stronger Together website to read the full features, and stay tuned for more to come throughout the year!

Parrish allison 1Procurement systems analyst Allison Parrish is known for her keen organizational skills and her unrivaled school spirit. When it comes to Wolfmart, Stony Brook’s digital requisition system, Allison runs the show. Not only does she help faculty and staff across all departments place orders on Wolfmart, she also instructs them how to use it in the first place.

In an hour-and-a-half, people learn all the basics: how to place an order, use specific request forms, etc.” she says. “I also work with the systems team to correct errors, create work instructions, infographics and more.” Allison leads similar training sessions for Stony Brook’s virtual conferencing platform, Zoom.

Lupfer peter 1A former Stony Brook student himself, Peter Lupfer returned to the university in November, 2022, about a year-and-a-half after he graduated — only this time, he came aboard as a faculty member. His role at Stony Brook, Student Success Specialist, is a new position that entails spearheading the university’s student support initiatives.

This semester, Peter will lead a team of interns in a campaign to identify and address ways to improve the student experience at Stony Brook. “S​​tudies show that most successful students have that balance of not just studying, not just focusing on assignments and exams, but also getting out, socializing, and fitting in those pieces of the puzzle that come outside the classroom — that really round out your experience here at Stony Brook,” he says.

Echelbarger margaret 1Margaret Echelbarger is an expert in the field of consumer behavior with a specialty in developmental psychology. Now she’s teaching social media marketing at Stony Brook. Although child consumer behavior is her main research interest, she has an interdisciplinary background and enjoys learning about all sorts of subjects. 

She spent all summer studying social media marketing to prepare for her new position and hasn’t stopped since — now she can boast a newfound specialty. “I get to have these great meetings with my collaborators and colleagues about the research we’re doing together,” she says. “And it’s all in the service of being a more effective teacher and doing really good science that has the potential to do some good in society.”

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