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President Issues Coronavirus Message

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Interim President Michael Bernstein has released a new message to the university community regarding meeting the challenge of coronavirus. The message reads as follows:

In the midst of a very challenging situation due to the spread of COVID-19, I recognize that there is enormous anxiety, concern, and confusion about the weeks and months ahead here at Stony Brook. The choices before us, regarding the remaining weeks of our Spring Semester and beyond, are complex. Precisely because whatever decisions we make affect so many people and so many activities, my colleagues and I in the University administration have been determined to make careful, prudent, and thoughtful choices.

This has taken us time — and it will take us a little longer still while following SUNY guidance and required timetables. Your patience, dedication, and hard work have made — and they make — all the difference.

I am convinced that the ultimate decisions we frame for this semester and beyond, in response to COVID-19, will be for the best. They will be focused first and foremost on the health and welfare of our students, staff, faculty, and community partners — and they will insure the on-going integrity and excellence of our University missions in education, research, scholarship, art-making, and professional service.

Please continue to monitor our website and your email for updated information and announcements regarding our responses to COVID-19.

With my sincere gratitude for your hard work and devotion to Stony Brook, and with warm regards, Michael.

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  • Ok well people are leaving tomorrow and need to know ASAP what they should do. This message states nothing, you should have released it earlier!

  • WIth all due respect, this message gives us no direction in terms of the remainder of the spring semester. Students are being advised by professors that they will NOT be having in person classes starting with the 3/23 return from spring break. Is this true and if so, how does this effect those students living on campus; dining halls; room & board, etc?

  • As a Florida parent of an SBU student living and working on campus, I appreciate this update. Is it possible to share a list of the issues/questions you are planning to answer so that I (and others, of course) can see that all the ramifications of the actions to be taken are on someone’s radar? For example, let interested parties know that the concern “Will the dorms stay open and will dining services continue?” Is being discussed now by the Housing, etc. people. I personally would be happy with a list of FAQs with TBAs for those still unanswered.


  • I wish you well. Very difficult decision. My Grandaughter is a Senior and has a part time job in the lab. She doesn’t want to lose the job, her room or her life. Think long and hard. Such a hard decision.
    Diane Ainsworth, Grandmother of Astyr Peterson.

  • So, will the school be closed after the spring break? As a commuter who needs to take LIRR to school, I’m a bit concerned whether taking public transportation will increase the risk of getting COVID-19.

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