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Join the Campus Conversation on Accelerating Research on October 15

Accelerating research

Accelerating research

Stony Brook University President Maurie McInnis and Executive Vice President and Provost Paul Goldbart have invited the university community to join the Campus Conversation on Accelerating Research, a webinar that will take place on Friday, Oct. 15 at 10 am.

McInnis, Goldbart and Vice Provost for Research and Infrastructure Alfredo Fontanini will discuss how Stony Brook is broadening its research mission, providing more support, creating opportunities for researchers beyond the STEM disciplines, and fostering more effective collaboration on our campuses and with partners in our community.

The conversation will cover a variety of initiatives, including new support for scholarly work in the creative arts, social sciences and humanities; our “tiger teams” proactively exploring external funding sources; and important new hires to bolster research across the university.

“As one campus with myriad disciplines across the institution, Stony Brook is singularly placed to tackle the most complex societal and scientific challenges we face, and to lift the human spirit to new heights,” McInnis and Goldbart said in their joint message to the university. A new website on Accelerating Research has also been launched, providing details on new and upcoming resources.

Attendees must register for the online conversation, where they may submit a question for the panel.


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