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SBU Doctor Discusses Local Lung Issues Amid Western Wildfires

Times Beacon Record

The danger is “not just at the site of the fire,” said Dr. Norman Edelman, a professor of medicine at Stony Brook University and a core member of the program in public health at Stony Brook. “I’m sure [the effect of the fire] is pretty wide.”

Stony Brook Emergency Fund Bridges Financial Need

Times Beacon Record

Like so many other plans this year, the goal for Stony Brook University’s Student Emergency Support Fund has changed.

How Wildfire Smoke Affects Your Health, According To Doctors


“The smoke from wildfires is potentially harmful to everyone,” Dr. Norman Edelman M.D., a pulmonologist and professor of internal medicine at Stony Brook University, tells Bustle. “Even people without respiratory conditions will have their upper airways irritated by the smoke, causing eye, nose and throat irritation.”

Students Get Creative For National Voter Registration Day


At Stony Brook University in New York, students are fully leveraging digital spaces and platforms to host virtual Campus Takeover events. Students will be taking over the university’s primary social media platforms and having student leaders share about why their vote matters. They will also be hosting Zoom and Instagram Live sessions for first-time voters who want more personalized support with navigating the voter registration process.

BNL ion collider to generate thousands of jobs


In January, the Department of Energy announced that the world’s next-generation electron-ion collider would be awarded to the Brookhaven National Laboratory. It was huge news in the science world and in the furtherance of fundamental research to explore what matter is exactly made of, and how it is held together.

What to know about fall allergies and how to treat them

Fox News

“At this time of year, the predominant pollen in the air is ragweed and many people are suffering from nasal and ocular symptoms, including sneezing, congestion, runny nose and red, watery itchy eyes. Ragweed plants will continue to pollinate until the first frost, which usually occurs in October,” Dr. Susan Schuval, chief of the Division of Pediatric Allergy/Immunology at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital in New York, told Fox News in an email.

Two Stony Brook Hospitals Named National Leaders in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

Sag Harbor Express

Last week, the National LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Index of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation named Stony Brook Southampton Hospital and Stony Brook University Hospital as Leaders in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality. Out of 765 healthcare organizations that applied, 495, or 65 percent, earned the recognition.

Stony Brook expert tells parents what they need to know about testing children for COVID-19


With schools open again, Dr. Sharon Nachman, an infectious disease expert at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, tells parents what they need to know about getting their children tested for the coronavirus.

New Attempts To Bolster ‘Devastating’ Census Response On Eastern Long Island


Bill Buchner, WSHU: Joining us now is Carolyn Peabody, clinical professor at Stony Brook University. She specializes in policy and political action, and is Census coalition partner.

Stony Brook Launches Campus COVID-19 Digital Archive Project

Campus Technology

New medical protocols for the treatment of COVID-19. Medical students who chose to graduate two months early so they could be deployed on the front lines at university hospitals to help care for a growing number of patients. The use of campus 3D printers to make face shields. The use of campus chemistry labs to produce hand sanitizer for hospital workers. These are some of the ways that members of New York’s Stony Brook University have responded to the pandemic.


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