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Stony Brook Medicine lands $5.5 million endowment from Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund


The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund has established a $5.5 million endowment for Stony Brook Medicine, leaving Stony Brook staff thrilled at the potential for new research.

Fire Island sewage study addresses nitrogen pollution, recommends solutions


We’re finding out that a lot of the waste from Fire Island is actually being let back into the Great South Bay and not into the ocean,” he said. “The quicker that we can put parts of this plan into action … I think we’re going to be able to have a lot healthier Great South Bay and may be able to keep beaches open without the number of closures that we’re having on a regular basis.” Chris Gobler, a marine and atmospheric sciences professor at Stony Brook University who has monitored local waterways since 2014, praised the study for “considering lots of different options” to solve the issue.

Experts: Safety first, then fun at Long Island pools this summer


Just in the past month, Dr. Jacqueline Bober, an attending emergency room pediatric physician at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, told Newsday she has seen three cases of children hospitalized for treatment of drowning. Bober said drownings typically occur at pools during backyard barbecues, with the Memorial Day and 4th of July extended holidays usually resulting in the highest peak in hospitalizations.

Tiniest Ocean Microplastics May Have Evaded Detection

The Good Men Project

“Our results highlight the numerical primacy of small MP particles in seawater, and we found that the most abundant MPs were between 1 and 14 micrometers, 60% were under 5 micrometers, and none were larger than 53 micrometers,” says Luis Medina Faull, a lecturer and IDEA Fellow, sustainable climate justice and solutions, at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) at Stony Brook University. “This size fraction has been totally overlooked in almost all marine MP surveys.”

Experts focus on North Shore, South Shore sea level rise at next LI town hall


Egeland cued up a short video showing severe erosion on Tobay Beach in Massapequa, and asked Chris Gobler, a professor of marine science at Stony Brook University, about worsening storm damage. “We’ve always had nor’easters,” Gobler said. “What’s changing is climate change.”

New study finds birds of prey use unique air sac to soar to great distances

Jerusalem Post

The discovery led Schachner to suggest that this air sac could be important for the mechanics of soaring. To test her idea, she worked with three main collaborators: Dr. Andrew Moore, an evolutionary biologist at Stony Brook University in New York and veterinarian Dr. Scott Echols, who specializes in avian surgery in Utah, who had obtained the images for unrelated clinical purposes; and Dr. Karl Bates, of the University of Liverpool in the UK.

Stony Brook University Hospital & Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Recognized as Pediatric Innovators, Only Long Island Hospitals to Receive the Honor

Stony Brook University Hospital and Stony Brook Southampton Hospital are two of only nine hospitals in New York State that have been acknowledged as Pediatric Innovators in the Always Ready for Children Pediatric Recognition Program and for having dedicated Emergency Department Pediatric Care Coordinators. They are the only two hospitals on Long Island to receive this recognition.

9/11 first responders have much higher dementia risk before age 65: Study


Researchers from Stony Brook University found exposure to toxins at Ground Zero was associated with higher risk of dementia before the age of 65. That risk was much lower for those who were not exposed or who wore protective equipment.

The Jazz Loft awarded $100K by the NYS Council on the Arts for upgraded recording equipment

Times Beacon Record

The Jazz Loft recently announced a grant award from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) to support the organization’s upgrades in equipment. This grant is part of a capital project funding announcement by NYSCA, which totals over $32 million to 102 capital projects across New York State. The grant is a matching grant, with $50K coming from the state and $50K from The Jazz Loft donors.

To Build a Friendship, Break Down Your Walls

New York Times

The questions had been generated for a study by researchers including Arthur Aron, a professor of psychology at Stony Brook University. Dr. Aron told me that he and his team had developed the questions to test whether they could create closeness between strangers, but there is growing evidence they can increase closeness between friends and romantic partners, too. Running through the full set takes about 45 minutes, and the questions get progressively deeper. Answer them with a friend to help foster mutual vulnerability.

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