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Long Island midwives say being a ‘listening ear’ is key to caring for pregnant women


Robyn Lanci, 41, formerly of Lindenhurst, said her experience with midwifery care at Stony Brook University Hospital was “a game-changer,” especially after she felt rushed by her doctor when delivering her first son. With her midwives, who paired holistic and medical options, such as a birthing ball and medication when her labor stalled, she didn’t feel like she was “on a clock” during her 30-hour labor, said Lanci, who now lives in Long Valley, New Jersey.

Do You Need a Polio Booster Shot?

Very Well Health

Andrew Handel, MD, a pediatric infectious disease expert at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital in New York, told Verywell that children who have received their complete four-dose polio vaccine series “will have strong immunity against the virus.”

Long COVID recovery is finally getting the attention it deserves in the US

Popular Science

Another prominent theory is that small, undetectable numbers of the virus are able to survive, says Sritha Rajupet, the primary care lead for the Post-COVID Clinic at Stony Brook Medicine. Rajupet explains that these persistently low viral particles might hide within nerves and tissues, causing the body to maintain a chronic inflammatory response. Another explanation is that the body could be exhibiting an abnormal immune response where it still thinks it’s fighting the initial infection. Roberts says one less popular but plausible cause is that an infection creates a hypercoagulable state, a condition that leads to increased micro blood clots from blood vessel damage, which could explain shortness of breath in people with long COVID.

Hibernation: The Extreme Lifestyle That Can Stop Aging

The Atlantic

Hibernation, to be clear, didn’t manifest just to fill nature with geriatric marmots and bats. Its primary purpose is to rescue animals from almost-certain death during resource-poor and often chilly times of year. “It’s a mechanism for survival, just making it to the next stage,” says Liliana Dávalos, a biologist at Stony Brook University. Maybe it was a happy accident that these freeze-frames also doubled as a fountain of youth.

Heart of the East End: Dr. Susan Doneland


Stony Brook Medicine’s Director of Healthcare Epidemiology, Dr. Susan Donelan joins The Heart of The East End to discuss the global outbreak of Monkeypox, which has, at press time, been found in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

If You’ve Never Had COVID Are You More Susceptible to Variants?


“There’s no reason to think that’s necessarily a real thing that can happen,” Andrew Handel, MD, a doctor of pediatric infectious diseases at Stony Brook Medicine, told Health. “So far there’s been no reports, no findings, and no studies showing that anyone is innately immune to it without ever having had it before.”

Expert advice on becoming a social worker

MSW Online

Professor Warren K. Graham, Assistant Dean for Field Education, Clinical Assistant Professor, at Stony Brook University’s School of Social Welfare, answers questions for students considering becoming a social worker.

Vaccination rates for kids under five is low across Long Island


Sophia Hall talks with Stony Brook Medicine Dr. Andrew Handel about parents’ reluctance to have their children under 5-years-old vaccinated against COVID-19.

Liz Popwell, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Stony Brook Medicine

Becker's Hospital Review

This episode features Liz Popwell, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Stony Brook Medicine. Here, she joins the podcast to discuss the transition into and what led her to take on her new role at Stony Brook Medicine,

Kentucky Flood Survivors Brace for More Rain


Professor Kevin Reed discusses why weather events like the Kentucky flood and California wildfires are signals of global warming.