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Internships offer experience, skills and can open doors

NY Post

Forget summer travel or lifeguarding. College student Sky Crabtree is ready to sharpen his journalism skills this summer with an internship at NBC 4 New York at 30 Rock. The 19-year-old rising junior at Stony Brook University on Long Island will be working with the consumer reporting team for “Better Get Baquero,” monitoring tip lines, interviewing sources, logging video and more.

Inside The Cottage Industry Of ‘Experts’ Paid To Defend Anti-Trans Laws


Nearly 20 studies with components of randomized trials — that follow trans adolescents receiving gender-affirming care over a long period of time, or compare outcomes for trans people who accessed gender-affirming care with those who didn’t — have associated gender-affirming care with better mental health outcomes, such as reductions in depression, anxiety or thoughts of suicide. Those positive associations make it unethical to run a randomized trial over the long term, especially one involving adolescents. “You wouldn’t randomly assign people to smoke a pack a day,” said Briana Last, a research psychologist at Stony Brook University, adding that scores of common medical practices were established without randomized trials. 

James Simons, mathematician, hedge fund founder and philanthropist, dies at 86

Long Island Business News

James Simons, the mathematician, hedge fund founder and philanthropist, died at 86, on Friday, May 10. The former chair of the Department of Mathematics at Stony Brook University, Simons went on to  launch Renaissance Technologies in East Setauket, and was considered to be one of the most highly compensated hedge fund executives in the United States. Along with his wife Marilyn Simons, James Simons – who was known as Jim – gave “billions of dollars to hundreds of philanthropic causes,” according to the foundation. The couple went on to co-found the Simons Foundation, a philanthropic organization supporting research in mathematics and science around the world. Yet Simons remained committed to Stony Brook University, which in a tribute to Simons’ life, deemed him the university’s “most vocal champion.”

Stony Brook University study uses AI to track public mental health via social media

Fox 5

A study led by Stony Brook researchers recently published in Nature Digital Medicine found the accuracy of the AI assessment was comparable to traditional polling. It also sampled more people in a shorter time and generated more precise information at a lower cost.

Stony Brook University hosts 20th annual Game Programming Competition

News 12

Stony Brook University hosted its 20th annual Game Programming Competition. Students spent the year developing and programming their own original computer games.

Food insecurity on Long Island: The struggle to make ends meet just above SNAP thresholds


Haylee Hebenstreit, a clinical instructor at Stony Brook University’s School of Social Welfare, said even the process of applying for SNAP benefits is often difficult and intrusive. Applying for the benefits in New York often amounts to a “black box,” where people often don’t understand why they are approved or denied. “The guidelines, the eligibility, it’s not meant to be understandable to the average person,” Hebenstreit said, noting later: “That should tell you something about what’s going on.”

Governor Hochul Announces Steps to Advance Artificial Intelligence Capability at SUNY and Make New York National Leader in AI

Governor Hochul

Launch of SUNY INSPIRE Center. The Innovative Network for SUNY’s Pioneering AI Research and Excellence Center will allow SUNY to scale AI research and scholarship that advances the public good, attract federal research funding for students and faculty, and leverage Empire AI across SUNY’s four University Centers: University at Albany, Binghamton University, University at Buffalo, and Stony Brook University.

 Stony Brook study shows AI can measure public’s mental health through social media

A new study shows that artificial intelligence can measure how much depression and anxiety is in a community by tracking the language used on social media. The study, done by Stony Brook University researchers working with other academic institutions, found the accuracy of the AI assessment was comparable to standard population surveys, done through phone polling. But artificial intelligence can produce more precise and timely information at a lower cost, the study found.

Astronomer says he knows why aliens haven’t contacted us yet


Many people, even scientists, simply want to believe in advanced extraterrestrial life. To cover the disappointment of not finding any, new theories continue to arise as to why we haven’t become better friends with aliens. The latest comes from Frederick Walter, professor of astronomy at Stony Brook University in New York. It presents the idea that the universe has skipped the aliens.

James Austin Smith Opens CPO Winter Symphonies

Weekend Special

“I am fortunate to have a musical life full of variety from performing to curating, hosting and teaching. I teach graduate students at Stony Brook University in New York and as a regular guest lecturer at the Guildhall School in London). Then there’s the music that I play (old, new, solo, chamber music), or the research projects that have recently become a part of my artistic practice – it’s the variety that keeps life as a musician fresh and fulfilling,” [James Austin] says.

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