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Unveiling Innovation: Intellectual Property Partners Open House Showcases Achievements

Ipp wall innovation group
Ipp wall innovation group
Intellectual Property Partners staff at the May 21 open house. Photo by John Griffin.

Stony Brook University’s Intellectual Property Partners (IPP) hosted an open house May 21 to introduce their new office space to the campus community. The event was an opportunity for faculty, graduate students and staff to learn more about how IPP can support their research and innovation efforts.

A highlight of the open house was the unveiling of the Wall of Innovation, a display that celebrates 10 groundbreaking innovations from Stony Brook faculty and innovators and showcases the university’s history of research excellence and its impact. The display serves as a reminder of the potential for academic research to drive societal progress and economic growth, while highlighting the positive impact of IPP’s support for research and commercialization efforts and how IPP can make a difference.

The Wall features the Virtual Colonoscopy, an invention from Arie Kaufman, distinguished professor of Computer Science and chief scientist of the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT). The Virtual Colonoscopy gives radiologists a more complete view of the large intestine and leads to earlier and better detection of colon polyps, the precursor of colon cancer.

“IPP led and processed the licensing of many of my patents which improved health and wellness and saved tens of thousands of lives,” said Kaufman. 

Ipp wall of innovation
Segment of the Wall of Innovation at the Intellectual Property Partners office. Photo by John Griffin.

The open house showcased IPP’s commitment to bridging Stony Brook University (SBU) innovation with public benefit. IPP plays a crucial role in fostering the successful commercialization of cutting-edge discoveries made by Stony Brook faculty and researchers. By partnering with inventors and the business community, IPP aims to enhance well-being, return economic benefits to the university, and strengthen the long-term vitality of Stony Brook’s innovation ecosystem.

IPP’s mission is to support SBU inventors in navigating the complexities of intellectual property and commercialization. The office provides guidance on patenting, licensing, and forming startup companies, ensuring that researchers can focus on their work while IPP handles the business aspects. By doing so, IPP helps transform academic research into viable products and services that address real-world problems.

The open house event provided an opportunity for attendees to engage with IPP staff, learn about the resources available to them, and understand the process of taking an idea from the lab to the market, from securing funding to connecting with industry partners.

One of the key takeaways of the event was the importance of collaboration. IPP emphasizes that successful commercialization requires a team effort, involving inventors, business experts, legal advisors and industry partners. By fostering a collaborative environment, IPP aims to create a supportive network that enhances the chances of success for SBU innovations.

As SBU community members continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and technology, IPP remains a crucial partner in translating these discoveries into real-world solutions.

It was great to make new connections with those in our innovation community, as we celebrated some of SBU’s past successes, and discussed how we can help identify and develop the inventions of tomorrow,” said IPP Director Sean Boykevisch.

— Beth Squire

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