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University Senate, Department of Sociology Celebrating Norman Goodman’s 56 Years as a Seawolf

Norm goodman featured

Norm goodman featuredDistinguished Teaching and Service Professor Norman Goodman — a true Stony Brook University legend and member of the university’s founding generation — will be honored on Friday, Aug. 20 by the University Senate and the Department of Sociology.

The special Zoom event, from 4 pm to 5 pm, will commemorate Goodman’s retirement from active service and will include the official designation of the Senate Conference Room in Psychology B as the Norman Goodman Senate Conference Room.

Goodman wolfieBrief remarks will be provided by President Maurie McInnis, Provost Paul Goldbart, College of Arts and Sciences Dean Nicole Sampson, Sociology Chair Kathleen Fallon, and former SBU Senate Presidents Fred Walter, Ed Feldman and Nancy Tomes.

In addition, there will be an open-mic period, allowing Goodman to reflect on his 56 years as a Seawolf, and others to add their well-wishes or recollections of working or studying with him. Current and former Stony Brook University faculty, staff and administration, University Faculty Senate colleagues, SBU Sociology alumni and the Goodman family are expected to participate or attend, and the event will be recorded.

Admired not only for his dedication to his students and his field but also for his passion and advocacy, Goodman, a sociologically oriented social psychologist, was the first person in SUNY to be awarded two distinguished professorships. He was chair of the Department of Sociology for 20 years (from 1973 to 1989, and again from 2000 to 2004), president of the senate of the College of Arts and Sciences, twice president of the University Faculty Senate, served as vice president for the senate for three terms, and edited the SUNY University Senate Bulletin for more than 20 years.

Norm goodman 1964
Norman Goodman in 1964.

Goodman has said that he is particularly proud of his role in facilitating Stony Brook’s transition to a major, internationally renowned institution of higher education and being a major player in the effort to ensure that campus policies and practices are established through a process of shared governance.

Goodman is also the author/co-author/co-editor of 10 books, including four textbooks or readers in Introductory Sociology and two textbooks in Marriage and the Family.

Members of the SBU community are invited to send any photos they have of Goodman to, and they may participate by joining the Zoom meeting, using meeting ID 968 5349 3561, and passcode 735180.

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  • Professor Goodman was selected by the Class of 1968 as one of our top five Professors. At our 50th Reunion in2018 he presented a history of those early years that was both fact-filled and humorous. He is a true Stony Brook treasure.

  • Norman was our “institutional memory” and one of our best citizens! He was also a pleasure as a colleague and a good person,

  • Oh my, how exciting for Professor Goodman! And for all of us who were lucky enough to have this very special man touch our lives. Not only was I a sociology major (graduating in 1973), I lived in O’Neill in Quad G, and Professor Goodman was an advisor to my dorm. I have often thought of this gentle man over the years and have always been thankful for the life lessons learned from him. Congratulations Professor, and God bless you. Wishing you a long and healthy retirement!
    Ginny Boharis Peters

  • I must concur with Mark that hearing Dr. Goodman at our 50th reunion in 2018 was a very special time for me. As a chem major there wasn’t much room for non science or science related courses until senior year and I was fortunate to be able to take an introductory course with the professor in 1967. It was great. No one I knew was ever able to get into his Marriage and the Family course; that’s how popular his classes were.
    There were however no Sea Wolves until the 1990’s.

  • “Goody”, as my Grandma’s Florida friend called him, was my professor eons ago in the 60s. He was one of the best professors I had at Stony Brook. I remember him reading an essay on the “Naciremas”, which I still remember to this day. I wish him success in his retirement!
    Karen (Pessah) Spitalnik
    Class of ’68

  • Norm Goodman was one of my early sociology professors back in the ‘60s. He taught my first research methods course in fall 1964. It was and remained a bedrock of my approach to social research for my entire academic and non-academic career. His influence on me and many students has been immense. He excelled as both a teacher and a mentor. He will be missed but he deserves his retirement. I wish him well.
    Dan Harris
    Class of 1966 (BA); PhD 1972

  • Norman and his family were life long friends of my Dad, they met at Madrid airport when Norman had leave from University.
    I’ve known them all my life and they installed the love of the theatre into our hearts! And a taste for Greek food from a little restaurant in Primrose Hill, London! A wonderful kind, thoughtful man who’s whole family I’m proud and honoured to call friends.
    Congratulations Norman on your years of service and the amazing work you’ve accomplished.
    Much love Becky and family from England x

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