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University Announces COVID-19 Telephone Information Line for Employees

Lynn Johnson, Vice President Human Resource Services, has released a message regarding the COVID-19 Telephone Information Line. The message reads as follows:

As we work together to maintain critical services to our students, faculty, staff and patients we know that many of you have questions related to COVID-19 as well as work related questions.

To help employees with some of these, we have instituted a telephone information line for State and Research Foundation employees of West Campus, the Health Sciences Center and FSA employees.

Employees in the School of Medicine and the Hospital should contact Employee Health at the Medical Center at (631) 444-7767.

LISVH employees should contact (631) 444-8617.

The Telephone Information Line:

By dialing (631) 632-5000 (on campus 2-5000) you will be offered 3 options:

On line one (1) you will be connected to health services who can provide information if you have general questions pertaining to: self-quarantine or have concerns about being in the workplace; if you believe you have been exposed; if you have questions about an existing health condition; if you’re pregnant; if you believe that you have symptoms; or for quarantine information, preventative or mandated.

Please be advised that information that you provide on this call will not be used for medical treatment purposes. Nor is the information provided to you meant to constitute medical advice. For medical treatment/advice, please call your personal physician.

On line two (2) you will be connected to Human Resource Services who can provide general information to State and Research Foundation employees regarding alternate work assignment/locations and can answer questions about the use of accruals and leaves.

If you are an FSA employee, line three (3) will take you to FSA Human Resources who can provide similar information.

We anticipate that these phone lines may receive a number of calls. If they are busy, or if you are calling outside the workday, please leave a detailed message (name, ID number, and return phone number) on the appropriate line and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Remember if at any time you have a medical emergency you should call 911.

Other Information Resources:

The University Coronavirus information website offers an FAQ page which may answer many of your questions. This can be accessed at

The same page offers travel guidance and links to information from the CDC.

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