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Two Wins to a Title: Wolfie Makes the Final Four of SUNY Mascot Madness

Wolfie bball court

Selfie with Wolfie

Wolfie has advanced to the Final Four of SUNY Mascot Madness, and needs just two more victories to take home the title!

Wolfie mauled Mo the Mustang from SUNY Morrisville in round three and will battle against Hugo Hawk of New Paltz in the semifinals. In fact, the other three Final Four participants are all former Mascot Madness champions. Victor E. Knight of Geneseo and Oakie from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry face off in the other semifinal matchup.

Voting is open now and ends on Monday, April 11, at 4 pm EST.

Vote for Wolfie here!

Voters can cast one vote per day. In order for your vote to count, please verify it via an active email address. In addition, bonus votes will be available via twitter for the opening round. Follow @SUNY for the tweets that let you like or retweet for your favorite mascot.

SUNY’s Mascot Madness is the annual competition that brings SUNY mascots together to find out who the fans feel is the best in all of New York. Now in its 10th year, the tournament is broken down into 5 rounds, featuring 32 school mascots. The defending champion is Red from SUNY Oneonta.

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