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Ten Stony Brook Students Awarded Prestigious NSF-GRFP Fellowships

Edelmy marin bernardezEdelmy Marin Bernardez

Hometown: Santa Rosa de Aguán, Colón, Honduras
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Mathematics
Research Advisors: Esther S. Takeuchi, Amy C. Marschilok, Kenneth J. Takeuchi

As society continues to progress toward the next generation of electronic devices and electric vehicles, the development of improved power sources is crucial to store and supply the energy demands according to our needs. Bernardez’s research interest focuses on the development of advanced materials for lithium-based batteries. The objective is to increase the energy storage capacity by utilizing environmentally benign materials, while simultaneously facilitating safe operation of the device in harsh conditions. This would address the current challenges and safety concerns that have risen as we continue to push the current technology to its limits, which often result in battery degradation, and even sometimes, the combustion of commercialized consumer batteries.

Bernardez was a Norman C Francis (Presidential) Scholarship recipient (2015-2019) at Xavier University of Louisiana, NASA MIRO Undergraduate Research Scholar (2017-2019), Ronald E. McNair Scholar (2017-2019), France-Belgium iREU program alumna (2019), Dr. W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship recipient (2020), and Southern Regional Education Board Fellowship recipient (2021).

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