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Ten Stony Brook Students Awarded Prestigious NSF-GRFP Fellowships

Abraham leiteAbe Leite

Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
Majors: Computer Science and Cognitive Science
Research Advisor: Gregory Zelinsky

Leite’s research fundamentally deals with how neural systems encode information and how they process information over time to perform adaptive behaviors. He believes that deciding to take actions, without being compelled by stimuli from the environment, is key to what makes us alive, and he uses simple computational models to study this ability on a theoretical level. In his funded project, he applies this general approach to the particular question of object-based visual attention, collaborating with a SUNY optometry lab studying the neurophysiology of primate vision to understand and model the neural processes that underlie the decision to look at one object rather than another.

Leite earned a Fleischer Research Scholarship at Indiana University and a Graduate Council Fellowship at Stony Brook University.

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