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Student Artists Exhibit Their Works at Sunwood Estate

Sunwood art 2023 139
Sunwood art 2023 139
President Maurie McInnis with the student artists whose work is on exhibit at Sunwood Estate. Photos by John Griffin.

The creative works of Stony Brook University student artists — winners of the annual juried art competition conducted by the Department of Art in the College of Arts and Sciences — are once again being exhibited at the Sunwood Estate.

Art faculty select exceptional student pieces, which are then reviewed by art historian and Stony Brook University President Maurie McInnis, who selects winners from the nominated works. There are 47 winning students this year. The artists and their guests were invited to a May 3 reception at Sunwood, honoring the work which will be on display throughout the upcoming year.

Sunwood is Stony Brook University’s off-campus presidential estate where VIP events are held. The off-campus conference venue is used for many events throughout the year, giving student artists much-coveted exposure.

View the artwork gallery

The 2023 winners are:

Norah Allam, The Crossroads, 2022, pen ink
Norah Allam, The Dissolution, 2022, pen ink
Sarah Allam, Craft Algorithm, The Bad Matchmaker, 2022, found quilt, AI imagery, cotton, velvet, polyester, thread, marker
Audrey Barke, Control, 2022, ceramic
Eileen Casadiego, The Soul: Awake, Arise, Or Be Forever Fallen, 2022, mezzotint lithograph
Sarah Case, Departure, 2022, charcoal on paper
Theda Clesceri, What is my choice?, 2022, digital photograph
Grace M. Collins, Beehive, 2022, ceramic
Jay Efstratiou, Umbreon, 2022, ceramic
Rhegan Esguerra, Unravel, 2022, charcoal on paper
Savannah Fehn, Untitled (Green Man), 2022, ceramic
Yuetian Gao, Sheng, 2022, plaster
Danielle Henneborn, Until Death, 2022, acrylic on canvas
Mazin Hussein, Running Out of Time, 2022, computer art
Daihan Jeong, Time: The Uncertainty of our Moments, 2022, digital photograph
Seth Jakob Jochum-Fuchs, Reach, Reach, Miss, 2022, charcoal and chalk on drawing paper
Seth Jakob Jochum-Fuchs, Miss, 2022, charcoal, chalk, and colored pencil on paper.
Seth Jakob Jochum-Fuchs, Reach, Reach, Miss, 2022, charcoal, chalk, ink, and colored pencil on paper
Emma Fiona Jones, black snake, 2022, glass beads on velvet
Emma Fiona Jones, syconia, 2022, bronze
Sehee Kim, Horizon Series [Event #2], 2022, oil on canvas
SY Lee, Untitled, 2022, forged steel
Zhengnan Li, Inexplicably Overwhelmed, 2022, ink on paper
Qianjing Li, Yin-Yang, 2022, photogram
Qianjing Li, Chaos, 2022, photogram
Kunpeng Lu, Come and Go of A Mild Rain, 2022, photograph
Nathan Malak, Five Stars, 2023, oil on canvas
Gianna Margarita, Ego Ingenuity, 2022, projection
Hagar Masoud, Construction Site, 2022, monotype
Sukkee Min, Still-life, 2022, oil on canvas
Milo Mohamed, Ape, 2022
Max Pitaro, Max, 2022, acrylic on canvas
Ria Rajan, Centering, 2022, poster
Ria Rajan, Centering, 2023, mixed media collage
Diana Salomon, “!No soy, La Madonna!”, 2022, digital photograph
Alyssa Sejarto, An Open Book, 2022, mixed media
Aliyah Sinmazisik, Mental Wasteland, 2022, marker and colored pencil
Linda Southard, Under Pressure, 2022, plaster sculpture
Samara Steinbock, Deep Gaze, 2022, drypoint
Samara Steinbock, Watchful Eyes, 2022, drypoint with watercolor
Jessica Torres, Mosquitos, 2022, plaster and bronze sculpture
Chad Treme, The Space Within, 2022, GIF
Benjamin Truong, Destined Irrelevance, 2022, mixed media drawing
JiaHui Tsai, Cyber Catgirl, 2022, drypoint on plexiglass
Erika Vallance, Ascend, 2022, oil and charcoal on found wood
Xiaohui Wang, Those Golden Days, 2022, Acrylic, India ink, alcohol ink and cotton yarn on 2 canvases
Nethmi Withanage, The Goose, 2022, ceramic
Audri Wong, self portrait, 2022, oil on canvas
Audri Wong, a portrait of my grandmother, 2022, oil on canvas
Yixuan Wu, ⻰凤呈祥, 2022, lithograph
Choi Ying Yau, Robot And Cat, 2022, animated gif
Emily Yen, “Carapace,” 2023, graphite on paper
Miri Yi, How Much Longer?, 2022, gelatin silver print
Miri Yi, Can You Hold This For Me?, 2022, gelatin silver print
Diana Mulan Zhu, Marina, 2023, oil on canvas
Yan Zhu, Finding, Seeing, Understanding Yourself, 2022, computer art

View a gallery of the artists and their work:

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