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Christine DeLorenzo

Delorenzo christineAssociate Professor of Psychiatry, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Director, Center for Understanding Biology using Imaging Technology (CUBIT)
College Engineering and Applied Sciences and Renaissance School of Medicine

I have known Dr. DeLorenzo since the time she was a postdoctoral fellow. In all those years she has been a productive scientist, essential leader of her laboratory, and mentor to numerous high school, college, graduate and post-graduate trainees. What sets her aside from others is her incredible intellect, ability to quickly become an expert in areas outside of her training, energy, enthusiasm, and seemingly endless optimism. These traits are abundantly apparent in her daily interactions with her mentees. She has in fact been responsible for changing some trainees’ career pathways!

This energy is infectious and not only affects her mentees but her peers, colleagues and me. I have told her many times that I simply would not have been able to continue my research career while being a chair of a department if it had not been for the ability to write papers, write grants, and manage a large multi-disciplinary research laboratory. I have never known anyone quite like her.

– Ramin Parsey, professor and chair of the Department of Psychiatry

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