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Aruna Balasubramanian

Balasubramanian aruna classroomAssociate Professor, Department of Computer Science
College Engineering and Applied Sciences

I had a difficult time when I first joined the Stony Brook PhD program because I was having trouble adjusting to life at a large university, and Aruna was one of the few professors who reached out to me. Even though I was initially interested in a different subfield than hers, she met with me to check on how I was doing in the program and offered me advice. I later took her course and enjoyed her engaging lectures about computer networks.

Her excitement about everything from the fundamentals to the latest advancements in the field inspired me to do research in this area. As an advisor, Aruna is always open to new research ideas and encourages students to study what interests them. This openness is what makes our lab’s research so dynamic.

– Rebecca Drucker

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