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Rewa Thompson

Thompson rewa sydneyClinical Assistant Professor
School of Nursing

Dr. Rewa Thompson served as my faculty preceptor for an entire semester. I was able to assist her during team-based learning activities and simulation exercises. Her ability to maintain a professional demeanor regardless of the exchange, her patience when communicating and responding to questions, and the effort and dedication she puts into her work were striking. Dr. Thompson took the time to highlight what she observed as my strengths and weaknesses, and counseled me on how to build on my strengths as a nurse educator and aspiring faculty member and expounded on ways to improve what we identified as weaknesses.

After graduation, Dr. Thompson interviewed me and recommended my appointment as an OB instructor. During my years of collaborating with her, I was surprised to see how responsible she was for the day-to-day planning of the success of the OB course. She is an advocate for maternal-child health and maternal-child nursing education, works arduously to find the right educational modules to improve the students’ learning experience, and will “scavenge” for equipment when necessary. One of my fondest memories revolves around simulation and lab day when Dr. Thompson sought out innovative ways to support the students’ experience.

– Sabine Sterlin

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