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Katy Siegel

Siegel katy with amy rahn
Photo credit: Pete Rahn

Professor, Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw Endowed Chair in Modern American Art
Department of Art
College of Arts and Sciences

Katy was the ultimate PhD advisor, challenging and supporting me in pursuing the highest level of academic research and also the highest ethical standard for participation in our field. She shows by her feedback and example how to shape every minute and word toward the advancement of the field of art history. The sheer volume and quality of her work is a testament to her extraordinary power as a scholar, curator, writer, teacher, advisor, and collaborator.

She is fixed toward a vision of what art history can do that is global, ethical, and community-minded. She practically and intellectually supports the best work she sees in art and art history, and then her support compels more excellence. I have never met a harder working person, or a more generous one.

– Amy Rahn ’19, PhD

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