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Danling Jiang

Jiang danling copyProfessor, Finance
College of Business

Professor Jiang is the one who helped and inspired me most during my study in the US. I used to feel pessimistic about my future, for I knew nothing about what I could do or what I was good at. Until one day, I summoned up the courage to apply for a research assistant position, and I gradually began to think differently. As a research assistant, I was solely responsible for a task of data crawling and processing, which was a massive challenge for me because I knew nothing about computer language and data processing. However, with the encouragement and support from Professor Jiang, I overcame the difficulty by continuous self-study, and the seed of interest in data sprouted in my mind.

Thanks to the research experience and Professor Jiang’s recognition, I discovered what I was good at and loved, and that was data analysis. I really appreciate the inspiration and help from Professor Jiang!

– Bijun Zheng

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