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Stony Brook Community Embraces FAR BEYOND: Quotes

Stony Brook students feel the excitement as FAR BEYOND is revealed on campus.

What the Stony Brook Community is saying about FAR BEYOND

Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD
President, Stony Brook University

“Our community recognizes the groundbreaking work and outstanding scholarship that take place on our campus every day. Equally important is ensuring that people outside of Stony Brook — peers, the public, media, legislators — see the full breadth of our story and recognize the drive and growing reach and impact of our University. FAR BEYOND provides a sustainable platform to tell our story and attract the best and brightest students, faculty and staff; connect with alumni in a more meaningful way; increase philanthropic support; and extend the University’s impact and visibility around the world. We have so much to be proud of and celebrate in the remarkable accomplishments of our students, alumni, faculty and staff. That excitement deserves to travel beyond our campus, and FAR BEYOND enables that in a clear, compelling way.”


Dexter A. Bailey Jr.
Executive Director, Senior Vice President for Advancement and Executive Director of the Stony Brook Foundation

“FAR BEYOND is a daring and authentic expression of Stony Brook’s ethos and pride that reflects the confidence our friends and alumni have in our institutional mission. FAR BEYOND will have an enormous impact on The Campaign for Stony Brook, a historic $600 million initiative that has already secured more than $441 million from 37,000-plus donors. FAR BEYOND inspires members of the Stony Brook community to be even bolder, face our future with even more determination, and ultimately embrace our standing as the preeminent public research university in New York State.”


Nicholas Scibetta
Vice President for Communications and Marketing and Chief Communications Officer

“FAR BEYOND is a long-term strategy that will advance key University goals and important initiatives. The FAR BEYOND framework coupled with Stony Brook’s existing strong visual identity — including the Stony Brook shield logo and other graphic elements — provides the University with a narrative and visual foundation to be more powerful and distinct in our communications. They capture Stony Brook’s unique personality and empower us to articulate its compelling story to our most important audiences locally, nationally and globally.”


Edward L. Feldman
President, University Senate

“FAR BEYOND encapsulates the strengths of Stony Brook in terms of its STEM programs, and focuses the University on the next phase of its meteoric rise to one of the premier research universities in the country. FAR BEYOND emphasizes future global development in the arts, humanities, athletics and medicine as well as Stony Brook’s collaborations with the Turkana Basin Institute, Brookhaven National Lab and Cold Spring Harbor Lab. This is enormously helpful as we try to recruit competitive faculty, staff and students for the future.” (Dr. Feldman is also an Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine, the Director of Behavioral Medicine and immediate Past Vice President/Secretary, NY State Faculty Senate.)


Rodney Morrison
Associate Provost for Enrollment and Retention Management

“’FAR BEYOND offers a clear cohesive direction and truly differentiates Stony Brook University from our peers. Students, parents and the guidance community will now look at Stony Brook and have a clear sense of the kind of experience we offer and the community we are building. Higher education is a very competitive environment, and being able to communicate who we are and what students can accomplish at Stony Brook is a game changer.”

University bus travels FAR BEYOND.

Ruchi Shah
Stony Brook University, Class of 2016
BS Biology, Minor in Journalism
Scholars for Medicine BS/MD
Women in Science and Engineering

“FAR BEYOND is a beautiful reflection of the pride, awe and excitement that we all feel for our Stony Brook University community.”


Jack Lupfer
Stony Brook University, Class of 2016
BS Biology, Interdisciplinary Specialization

“FAR BEYOND brings to life what we’ve known the Stony Brook University identity to mean for years. Between the addition of environmentals on campus and focus on telling the stories of students, faculty and researchers, we are catapulting Stony Brook to the forefront; making others aware of just how great we are!”


Judith Greiman
Chief Deputy to the President and Vice President for Government and Community Relations

“FAR BEYOND has excited the campus. It provides a framework for how we talk about Stony Brook’s research and academic trajectory. It is a compelling and unified storytelling platform that includes a beautiful visual representation of the feeling of pride that our students, faculty, alumni and staff have about Stony Brook and that resonates with all of our audiences.”


Shawn Heilbron
Director of Athletics

“At Stony Brook, there is a palpable energy that is powering our institution every day. As an athletic department, we challenge our student-athletes to push themselves FAR BEYOND what they think is possible because it will elevate and enhance their opportunities in life. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be at Stony Brook at this point in time when, more than ever, we are embracing our responsibility to positively impact our region, nation and planet. I am energized by FAR BEYOND because it captures the ambitious spirit and limitless vision that will propel Stony Brook into the future.”


Sabina Sebastian
Alumni Association Board of Directors/Representative
BS Business Management and Economics, 2008; MBA Marketing, 2008
Account Director, Spark 44

“Invigorating. Stony Brook University has come a long way, and the new brand identity celebrates how far we’ve come while letting the world know where we are headed. There’s never been a better time be a Seawolf. And if you aren’t one yet, it’s time to think about it.”


FAR BEYOND theme brightens campus buildings.

Cole Lee
Stony Brook University, Class of 2017
President, Undergraduate Student Government
BA Political Science

“There aren’t enough words to describe my excitement. FAR BEYOND perfectly captures our ideas as a university and watching it come to life was stunning. This process has been all about collaboration and ideas, being inclusive and listening to our stories. FAR BEYOND perfectly embodies the myriad stories, our values and passion at Stony Brook. It’s about what makes us Seawolves and what makes Stony Brook University so special.”


Vahideh Rasekhi
President, Graduate Student Organization
PhD Candidate in Linguistics

“FAR BEYOND showcases that Stony Brook is a flagship research university, where diversity and student empowerment are valued. FAR BEYOND is in line with the vision our students hold in making Stony Brook an inclusive environment that encourages students to be innovative, challenge assumptions, promote intellectual communication, and advance scholarship across disciplines.”


Chuck Taber
Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education, Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Political Science

“I feel a real sense of pride and excitement growing on our campus, as students, faculty and staff alike see our extraordinary story perfectly captured in the FAR BEYOND campaign. It is more than a brand; it is more than a look; it is who we are and who we aspire to be. FAR BEYOND is the spirit of Stony Brook.”


Naveen A. Mallangada
Stony Brook University, 2017
Biology, Scholars for Medicine Program, BS/MD
Stony Brook Honors College

“FAR BEYOND brings the individual into the growth and aspirations of this university, making students feel rewarded to continue investing their energy and hard work into this university. In changing how students and alumni interact with the campus online and in person, FAR BEYOND shows Stony Brook as dynamic, trusted and pioneering. Stony Brook is an elite institution, yet also inclusive of the very students and faculty that helped build and define this campus.”


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