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New “Seawolves on the Move” Blog Shares Our SBU Experience

Seawolves on the move
Biz and I go to rival schools, so a friendship between us was kind of a shock to both of our schools. We met through a mutual friend-- she came to watch a basketball game with us at the high school I go to. we followed each other on Twitter shortly after and almost immediately hit it off. We went from occasionally tweeting at each other to going to Tim Hortons (a Canadian coffee chain in western New York that we're gonna miss dearly) together almost every night to going to concerts all the time-- sometimes driving hours away just to see our favorite bands. I'm actually writing this while we stand in the crowd at a Blink-182 show. These shows have become an integral part of our personalities in addition to our friendship, and we'll probably be spending more time going to concerts than doing homework this year-- oops.
Meet @peighton.jpg and @bizyjko1313 on Seawolves on the Move, and follow their journey to campus!

The first posts have gone up on Seawolves on the Move, a new Tumblr account that gives you the chance to share your personal Stony Brook experience.

During Move-in Weekend, follow the day-to-day lives of incoming freshmen Elizabeth “Biz” Jaremko and Peighton Ray as they travel to campus and begin their journey with the Class of 2020.

Are YOU ready to show us your life?
Seawolves on the Move will chronicle the lives of our university — whether you’re a student, faculty or staff — one person at a time. Involved in an interesting event on campus, speaking at a conference or traveling someplace special? Visit Seawolves on the Move right now and apply to be featured on the blog.

Contact Chris D’Orso at for more information.

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