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SBU Sees New Highs in Application Rate, Enrollment

CampusStony Brook University’s admissions application rate and enrollment experienced new highs in the 2023-2024 academic year, along with its largest-ever incoming first-year class.

The increases in application and enrollment rates were announced by Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Retention Dawn Medley. The increases come as the university continues to build momentum, including being named a New York State flagship university as well as the anchor institution of The New York Climate Exchange, and receiving a $500 million endowment from the Simons Foundation.

High points include:

  • Overall, the university received more applications than any other State University of New York school: 55,633 for the 2023-2024 semester.

  • There was a 24.2% increase over the previous year of all Stony Brook application submissions.

  • Freshmen application rates increased by 23.9% to 50,435.

  • Transfer student applications increased by 26.8% to  5,441.

  • The university also saw an 18.4% increase in application rates to non-STEM majors with 1,521.

  • The university’s out-of-state application rate rose by 7.1% to 9,451.

  • The top five countries for applications were China, India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The university’s international applications rose by 40.5% to 4,636.

“I believe this increase in interest as measured by applications and enrolled students is directly tied to the efforts of our entire division and campus,” said Medley. “As a flagship, we have much to tell with The New York Climate Exchange and the $500 million dollar gift, but helping students find their place at Stony Brook is what our team does best. We are great storytellers with a great story to tell.”

“Stony Brook’s progress this year is truly inspiring as we work together to welcome our largest ever incoming first-year class,” said Richard Beatty, associate provost for enrollment. “Through efforts with our campus partners and faculty, Enrollment Management and Retention continues to streamline processes, improve the overall student experience, and better serve students from New York State, across the US, and around the world. Our staff advocates for the educational excellence that defines Stony Brook and continuously looks for ways to provide access to students. The momentum we’ve built will propel the university toward a future as a premier national and global institution as we continue to tell the Stony Brook story.”

“The efforts of admissions, enrollment management, and our campus partners to finalize this year’s class demonstrates how to best collaborate,” said Mark Cortez, executive director of admissions. “The efforts to recruit and enroll these talented students is one of many factors that have contributed to our success. The dedication and commitment of our staff, working to understand each student’s interest in and journey to Stony Brook, has also contributed to this accomplishment.”

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