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SBU scores high in US News graduate school rankings


Stony Brook graduate schools and programs have again been rated impressively in the U.S. News and World Report annual graduate school rankings. In the 2020 edition of Best Graduate Schools, Stony Brook University was named a top school in both Engineering and Medicine.

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The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences rose from being ranked 66 in 2018 to 64 (tie) as a Best Engineering School. Several engineering graduate programs in the school jumped in ranking from last year: Electrical Engineering (69 to 55); Chemical Engineering (72 to 69); Materials Science (50 to 41); and Mechanical Engineering (70 to 52).

The Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University was ranked #56 (tie) in the Research category as a Best Medical School, a ranking of one step above last year.

Stony Brook’s highest ranked graduate program is the Physician Assistant Program in the School of Health Technology and Management — which rose from 16 when ranked in 2015 to 15 in the current ranking.

The School of Social Welfare rose eight places from 2018, from 59 to 51 on the current list.

For a complete list of the rankings and methodology of the 2020 Best Graduate Schools by U.S. News, see this link.

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  • It is unfortunate that you didn’t also mention some of our other exceptionally highly ranked departments. For example, Physics is tied for 22nd (and is 3rd for Nuclear Physics), and Mathematics is tied for 26th (behind a 4-way tie for 22nd place) and is 5th in Geometry (behind a tie for 3rd), 10th in Topology.
    The program in Nursing-midwifery is #23, and Political Science is tied for 29th (behind a 5-way tie for 24th).
    Earth Sciences is tied at #38, Psychology is tied for #39 (with the masters program in clinical psych at #4, behind a tie for 2nd), and Computer Science is #40, as is Sociology. There are probably more I missed.

    These exceptional departments and programs always seem to get left out of such articles. I don’t know why, perhaps it is because they have been exceptional for several years and it isn’t “news”.

  • Proud to say I got my masters degree I miss all my professors and class mates look me up on Facebook

  • I feel proud after seeing this news. I was in Materials Science and Engineering graduate program from September,1977 through December,1982.

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