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Star Chef Students Celebrate Their Culture by Cooking Recipes from Home

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SBU Eats now features a new program to showcase recipes from students that remind them of home. “Cooking from Home” provides students with the opportunity to work alongside the culinary team to bring a memorable dining experience that celebrates the cultures and cuisines from people around the world through authentic dishes, ingredients and cooking techniques.

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SBU Eats East Side Dining Sous Chef Juan Garcia and Nicole Diaz ’24, business management major, cooking together.

Students are excited about this program because they can share a meal that they create that is representative of their culture and that they feel proud of, offering a cuisine from their family’s heritage. “Cooking these dishes makes me feel closer to home and sharing it with others celebrates Stony Brook’s diverse community. It is one of the things I love most about Stony Brook,” stated Nicole Diaz ’24, business management major.

On November 1, three Stony Brook University students will be star chefs at the Teaching Kitchen program called “Flavors of the Brook.” Nicole Diaz will be making arroz chaufa (Peruvian fried rice); Chandrika Joshi ‘24, business management finance major, will be making butter chicken; and Justin Lee ‘24, mass communication major, will be making tanghulu (fruit skewers). The Teaching Kitchen provides an interactive environment for students to explore food as well as culinary and nutrition literacy in a collaborative and team-building environment where they can share the stories of their family recipes. SBU Eats chefs, registered dietitians and food safety managers work together to create an enjoyable experience for all students. 

Through feedback submitted, many international students have expressed that when they are away from home, they miss the food that their family prepares because its flavors evoke happy memories of where they grew up. “I was inspired to make a recipe that my mom made where she replicated a dish that I love from a restaurant back home in India. For my honors college project I had to create a business plan for a restaurant as well as an event that would give back to the campus community. The teaching kitchen program helped me to explore a creative way to showcase my recipe,” explained Chandrika Joshi.

Students start by working alongside the SBU Eats chefs to prepare their recipes and gather the special ingredients to make their dish. They then share their recipe with other students by cooking at the Teaching Kitchen and offering a demonstration. Later in the month, the recipes are featured at a dining location so that the entire campus community has the opportunity to enjoy these cuisines.

“We all come from different backgrounds but we still eat together at the same table and the Cooking from Home program gives students the opportunity to share authentic cuisines and create something meaningful to share with others,” stated SBU Eats Dietitian Laura Martorano. 

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