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SBU Eats Elevates Food Experiences for Spring

Students using roth kiosks featured

The SBU Eats team has been working diligently over the winter break to enhance the dining experience. In particular, the campus community will see changes in technology, food offerings and sustainability.

“Through teamwork and collaboration, the SBU Eats team has once again delivered beyond expectation when preparing our dining locations for the spring semester. We are looking forward to delivering a dining experience for all to enjoy,” stated Diana Walker Kubik, executive director of the Faculty Student Association.

Some of the highlights of the spring semester are as follows:

New Ordering Kiosks at Roth Cafe

SBU Eats installed new kiosks after hearing from students that they wanted better efficiency and speed of service. The new self-checkout technology enables users to place multiple orders from the different concepts at Roth through one convenient kiosk. All Roth food concepts (excluding Starbucks and Subway) accept kiosk orders so customers can browse menus, customize orders and quickly complete transactions. 

Students using roth kiosks
Students using kiosks at Roth Cafe.

Mobile Ordering for Busy Lifestyles

Mobile ordering through the Nutrislice app enables students, faculty and staff to use their smartphones to place an order from their favorite on-campus eateries. With just a few taps, they can customize their meals, select pickup times, and avoid waiting on lines. Meals are ready precisely when they need them! All of the concepts at Roth Cafe (excluding Subway) plus other convenient campus locations are available for mobile ordering.

Satisfy Your Cravings with New Menu Options

Roth Cafe also offers incredible meals. SBU Eats has just launched Bulgogi Bowls at the Fuze concept to satisfy spicy and sweet cravings with customizable options such as pork, chicken, or braised sesame tofu with flavorful sides like scallion slaw, spicy sweet and sour glass noodles, kimchi, red peppers, and cucumbers. The Savor concept now offers a menu rotation with perfectly curated ramen bowls including char siu pork, shoyu golden chicken, and soy marinated tofu as well as a build-your-own pasta sauté bar. Other options include Smash n’ Shake crafted burgers, chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, fries, salads, and milkshakes in addition to Cocina Fresca made-to-order burritos and bowls! A new spice station has been added to the condiment area so customers can season their meals exactly the way they want.

SBU Eats Winter Food Truck 

The SBU Eats Grill Truck has delicious, portable options for quick bites on the go. View the latest food truck calendar and get the best burgers and fries!

Cozy Soups and Chilis at SAC

Come in from the cold and warm up with the new Kettle Soup station at SAC Food Court. This is the go-to destination for delicious soups and heart-warming chilis with a rotating menu of flavorful options.

On-the-Go Snackable Options

Students can use their dining dollars for great new snacks at the Emporium at East Side and the Market at West Side. Here, the campus community can enjoy tasty blend-it-yourself F’real milkshakes and plant-based smoothies made with real fruit in a variety of flavors. Other snacks include Popcorn Indiana, Wholly Guacamole, Chameleon cold brew coffee, Katz gluten free glazed donut holes, Made Good crispy squares and granola minis, Joyba bubble teas, Laughing Cow cheese, and Justin’s natural and organic nut butters and peanut butter cups. 

Eco-friendly Containers

SBU Eats is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. This is why the Roth Cafe and SAC Food Court are now using new, durable eco-friendly containers. These Ecopax to-go containers are made with 40 percent natural materials and are microwave safe and grease resistant. Through green manufacturing, these containers use earth minerals to reduce the amount of plastic materials needed. The dine-in locations continue to use the SBU Eats Goes Green Reusable Containers for take-out. Using 100 percent reusable containers reduces the dependency of fossil fuels, reduces landfill waste and reduces our carbon footprint. 

Sustainable Coffee

East Side and West Side dine-in now offer a new fresh-drip coffee. Distant Lands Coffee company does not use any pesticides or herbicides in any of their coffees. Their coffee mills incorporate cutting-edge sustainability practices, including the use of biomass furnaces and clean, renewable hydropower. Distant Lands self-generates almost one-million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, and all their farms are Rainforest Alliance Certified™. 

Connect with SBU Eats

The SBU Eats team is looking forward to serving incredible meals this spring and creating memorable experiences for everyone. Students are encouraged to connect with managers, supervisors and chefs wearing red shirts and/or chef coats to start a conversation. SBU Eats can also be contacted through the website or through the QR-code survey at the dining locations. To learn more about all of the great dining options on campus, view the online dining guide.

 Commuter Student Foodies Group

SBU Eats has launched a new commuter students foodies group. This discussion group will provide insights on how SBU Eats can best serve commuters through convenient locations, mobile ordering options and on-the-go meals that they love. Commuters will receive a $15 dining voucher if they participate and can sign up online.

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