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Research Office Issues Warning re: Removal of Laboratory Items


Rich Reeder, Vice President for Research, has released a message to researchers regarding the removal of materials campus laboratories and offices. The message reads as follows:

Coronavirus UpdateIt has come to our attention that some individuals are removing research equipment, materials, and chemicals from campus laboratories and offices. This practice is not only unacceptable and extremely dangerous, it is a violation of federal and state laws and regulations, against University policies, and may place your standing with funding agencies in jeopardy. All laboratory resources are Stony Brook University property and must remain on campus. The exception is computer equipment needed to perform work remotely. Any other equipment and other laboratory supplies/materials, etc. that have been inappropriately removed must be returned immediately.

Per my email from Friday, March 20, all laboratory-based research activities must be ramped down by 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 21st.  We recognize that many of you are concerned about moving research projects forward. But right now, we have to prioritize human health and safety.  It is imperative that laboratories be kept completely intact, on site. Our emergency protocols are designed to ensure the preservation and maintenance of all critical research resources.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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