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New Inventor Portal Will Protect and Facilitate Faculty Discoveries


A new digital portal for inventors, designed to facilitate the protection and disclosure of discoveries by Stony Brook innovators, will be launched April 26 to coincide with World Intellectual Property Day (#WorldIPDay).

InventThe online service, provided by the Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations (OTLIR), will assist researchers by streamlining the process of licensing inventions.

“We consider the protection of intellectual property of Stony Book inventors and the promotion of technology commercialization as essential for supporting the integrity and vitality of the Stony Brook innovation ecosystem,” said Richard J. Reeder, Vice President for Research at Stony Brook University and Operations Manager for the SUNY Research Foundation.

“With the new Online Inventor Portal, critical processes become easier and faster, ” Reeder said.

The Online Inventor Portal will allow faculty inventors to:

  • create, route, submit, view status and digitally sign technology invention disclosures online;
  • give co-creators rights to review, edit, and approve disclosures before submission;
  • access portal functionality from any browser;
  • view historical invention disclosures and intellectual property related to inventions; and
  • communicate directly with the OTLIR in a “Remarks Section.”

World IP Day is an annual celebration sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to build awareness about the role that intellectual property rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

Questions about the service should be directed to OTLIR at 631-632-9009 or

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