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Meal Ordering App Nourishes Recovery and Empowers Hospital Patients

Sbuh food app
Sbuh food app
The CBORD Patient App enables patients to order their meals via mobile device or tablet. Photo Credit: Stony Brook Medicine/Rob Tannenbaum.

Stony Brook Medicine Distinguished Dining Services, operated by the Faculty Student Association (FSA) of Stony Brook University, has launched a new patient meal ordering app through CBORD. Patients admitted to Stony Brook University Hospital can choose various meal options that can be ordered on-demand from their mobile device or tablet.

A soft launch of the CBORD Patient App began in October 2023, with a gradual rollout to each hospital unit. Through the use of mobile technology, the app provides a positive customer experience and has the capacity to influence a patient’s perception of their hospital stay. The app reduces the call center volume while ensuring patients needs are met.

Assistant Director of Food and Retail Services and Registered Dietitian Kathleen Logsdon Carrozza spearheaded the project to improve patient engagement and satisfaction, and increase  efficiency for the foodservice and nursing staff. “Many people feel comfortable using technology to order meals delivered to their homes, so we knew that some of our patients would be excited to have this option,” said Carrozza.

As part of a FSA summer internship program, Stony Brook University students photographed each menu item to make it easier for patients to navigate the fresh food items they would like to request for their meals. They then worked with the dietary team to confirm the nutrition facts for each of the food items. In some cases, it is important for the patient to view specific nutrient values, such as carbohydrates, so when they reach their limit they are able to swap items to stay within their dietary restrictions.

The app will only display items compliant to each patient’s diet and allergies, offering a personalized menu to choose from. If a patient is on a restricted diet as part of their medical care, they will only see menu items that are part of their diet. Based on patient needs, the app instantly applies filters for over 30 different diets including  halal, kosher, gluten-restricted, vegetarian, cardiac, carbohydrate-controlled, and more.

Stony Brook University Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the New York metro area to offer room service meals and this service has continued to evolve through the use of interactive technology. Once admitted to the hospital, patients receive instructions on how to download the meal ordering app. Patients then create a profile, browse menus and place their order to be delivered directly to their bedside. The app gives patients control over their food experience and empowers them to make their own decisions.

“Throughout my career, I have recognized the importance of using technology to provide safe and nutritious meals to patients. The CBORD software provides us with multiple ways to help people place their meal orders,” said Carrozza. The nursing staff have access to the app through their desktop and can place meal orders for patients without having to go through the call center.

“At Stony Brook University Hospital, we serve over 1,500 patient meals a day and wanted to find a way to shorten the wait time at the call center, while offering patients a convenient way to order their meals.  As we have been introducing the program throughout the hospital, we hope patients and staff will understand its advantages, so the program can grow exponentially,” stated Alexandra Bush, Nutrition Software System Administrator. The app has the added convenience of allowing users to schedule their meal for the same or next day. Parents and caregivers can order meals remotely from home for their child or loved ones staying in the hospital.

“The app can provide a sense of normalcy for patients to help them choose healthy foods and recover faster. It can also elevate patients’ moods by giving them control over their meal choices, with the confidence that all their options are personalized for them,” stated Bush.

Stony Brook Medicine Distinguished Dining Services aim in launching this app was to enhance the patient experience by giving patients autonomy and empowerment when ordering. The dining services team prides themselves on being patient focused and quality and service driven.

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  • Kudos to the FSA & SB food services, this meal ordering app sounds like a great intitiative to assist patients/families to easily order meals during a hospitalization. I have first hand experience both as a patient/family member, and this mobile access vs having to ensure the paper version of the menu didnt get lost/damaged, or to be on the phone for extended time trying to call in the order would be a welcomes option 🙂

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