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Intellectual Property Partners: New Name for Further Achievements 

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Spring campus fountain 2The Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations (OTLIR) has announced their area’s name change to Intellectual Property Partners (IPP). IPP has been working for several months to find a name that aligns more closely with the work that the office does in supporting the larger goals of Stony Brook University’s economic development efforts. The new name is a result of a rebranding effort designed to showcase the long-term prospective development of the office, of the Stony Brook technology transfer and of the entire Stony Brook innovation community. The IPP office is located on West Campus on the fifth floor of the Frank Melville, Jr. Memorial Library.

“Partnership is a key part of our mission of bridging SBU innovation with public benefit,” said IPP’s Director Sean Boykevisch. He explained that the new name emphasizes the importance IPP places on partnership — with faculty, industry, investors, entrepreneurs and others in the SBU innovation community who play an integral part in advancing technology to the market.  “We did our best to make the new name clear and relatable to our target audience. While IPP is not the only office on campus that has relationships with industry, it is, however, the only one that manages faculty inventions and related intellectual property.”

Stony Brook has an outstanding track record when it comes to patenting and licensing inventions throughout the years. A 2020 report by the National Academy of Inventors announced that the Research Foundation for SUNY was ranked 34th in the list of Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents, with SBU being the flagship of the SUNY RF system by accounting for almost 90 percent of SUNY’s total licensing royalties.

“Stony Brook’s technology transfer office has a long history of successfully working with faculty to identify and protect SBU’s inventions and partnering with industry to help advance SBU innovations for the public’s benefit,” said Vice President for Research Richard Reeder. “OVPR, together with SBU Economic Development, has a strong focus on promoting innovation and industry partnerships. The office’s new name, Intellectual Property Partners, better reflects its mission and clearly describes the work it does in supporting the greater Economic Development mission of SBU.” 

IPP is committed to making the technology disclosure, intellectual property protection and industry partnering process as easy and transparent as possible. To this end,  IPP has cultivated a strong team environment where its core values guide actions. The team is composed of dedicated and skilled members who work to engage and support faculty, entrepreneurs and industry partners through all stages of technology transfer with the long-term goal of strengthening SBU’s innovation ecosystem. 

Over the years, Stony Brook has received more than 2,500 disclosures and issued more than 1,800 patents. The University has licensed revolutionary drugs and medical treatments, innovative technologies and engineering solutions used in various areas of life all over the world. The number of technologies disclosed and of patents issued and licensed with the assistance of IPP is constantly growing.

“Intellectual Property Partners is probably the most critical and essential partner of the SBU Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors to fulfill its mission,” added Iwao Ojima, president of the SBU Chapter of National Academy of Inventors (NAI-SBU). Ojima, an SBU distinguished professor, is the holder of numerous patents. “On behalf of the NAI-SBU, I wholeheartedly welcome the new start of our technology transfer office as ‘IPP.’ I have enjoyed working with OTLIR in a highly productive manner over the years, but this new office name, which includes Partners, sounds very friendly, encouraging and non-bureaucratic. I am looking forward to working with Director Boykevisch, Associate Director Donna Tumminello and the dedicated IPP staff for the promotion of academic inventions for the benefit of inventors, universities, industries and the world.”

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