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Human Resources Releases Update on Return to Workplace

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Human Resources has released updated information on planning surrounding a phased return to the workplace. The message is signed by Lynn Johnson, Vice President Human Resource Services, West Campus/HSC/SOM; Colette Brown, Chief Human Resources Officer, Stony Brook University Hospital; and Denise Muscarella, Director of Human Resources, LISVH. The message reads as follows:

Coning Back Safe and StrongDr. Bernstein noted in his message of May 14, “as we wait for Suffolk County to reach the New York State reopening benchmarks, we are assessing possible plans for the safe return to our campuses for those who have been working off-site. In developing a course of action, the health and safety of all our colleagues continue to be our highest priority.”

The planning to return employees to the workplace is well underway and will detail a carefully phased return. Additionally, an online training program will be provided to employees with important information about the safeguards that are being put in place to help us work together to create a safe and comfortable return to the workplace.

The training program will include details around the following workplace safeguards:

  • The phased approach to a gradual and incremental return to the workplace.
  • The implementation of proper social distancing measures (at least six feet apart) in workspaces;
  • Cleaning and decontamination plans for buildings and workspaces
  • Requirements related to face coverings and/or additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as appropriate
  • Directional guidance on safe foot traffic within offices, elevators, stairwells, and other shared spaces;
  • Tools to conduct daily monitoring of employees’ temperatures and other relevant symptoms.

While we don’t yet know the exact date on which we will begin our phased approach to returning employees to the workplace, we will provide employees with as much notice as possible to help them make any needed arrangements for a smooth transition back to the workplace.

We have also developed an FAQ page on the University’s new Coming Back Safe and Strong website for ongoing updates.

We look forward to colleagues returning to campus and thank everyone for their continued dedicated service to our students, patients and Stony Brook University/Long Island State Veterans Home community.

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  • Well, we were not given any PPEs for our employees. There isn’t enough space in waiting room for 6 ft distancing.
    Everything is on back order, level 3 masks, sanitizer for our rooms and gowns.
    This is not safe yet, telehealth should still be ongoing with minimal follow ups in the office.
    Allergy injection patients have to wait in the office for 30 minuets after their injections. Not safe yet for patients or staff

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