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How to Survive Your First Career Fair in 10 Steps

As fall approaches and the Halloween season draws near, Seawolves delight in haunted houses, pumpkin-spice-everything and classic horror movies. However, for some college students, the biggest spook of all — finding a job after graduation — can be scarier than Pennywise the Clown jumping off the screen of a midnight showing of Stephen King’s IT.

Luckily, Stony Brook’s Career Center hosts a variety of job and internship fairs across departments to help students conquer their fears and connect with employers. The Career Center has 10 tips for navigating and acing your career fair experience.

1. Make sure your resume is in top shape
If you do not have a resume, begin by creating a rough draft. (Consult the resume writing guide for some advice on this initial step.) Once you have a resume, visit the Career Center to have it reviewed by a staff member. You should have your resume critiqued early. This will give you time to polish and review it. Remember, the closer it gets to the job fair, the longer the wait to have it reviewed. Resume review appointments are scheduled in Handshake.

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