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Faculty Profile: AMS Associate Professor Pei Fen Kuan

Pei fen kuan

Pei fen kuanThe College of Engineering and Applied Sciences posted a profile of Pei Fen Kuan, an associate professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS), on its website, reviewing her life experiences and how they got her to where she is in her career today.

Kuan’s research interests focus on statistical and computational issues arising from the problems in genome biology. Many projects at her Stony Brook Lab center around tiling arrays and the next generation sequencing platforms for understanding biological regulation in cancer and psychiatry disorders.

Kuan is a three-time recipient of the CEAS Dean’s Millionaire Club award, which recognizes faculty who secured more than $1M in externally sponsored grants. She received her third award at the 2021 State of the College Address in October, and received the Frey Family Foundation Professorship earlier in 2021, in recognition of exceptional research and contributions to the AMS department.

Read the complete profile written by Sydney Corwin at the CEAS website.


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