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Eszter Boros Joins ‘Career Conversations’ Series on NIH Biomedical Beat Blog

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Eszter Boros, assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry, spoke about her journey to Stony Brook University and her research in a Q&A with the National Institutes of Health blog, “Biomedical Beat.”

The interview is part of the blog’s “Career Conversations” series. Boros’ lab studies medicinal inorganic chemistry and develops metal-based molecular imaging probes and therapeutics for personalized medicine.

“As a researcher, you get to learn something new every day, and that knowledge feeds more questions,” Boros said. “It’s this eternal learning process, and I find that really enticing about being in science.”

Boros was one of four Stony Brook faculty to be named a 2022 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow. She won the 2021 Stony Brook Discovery Prize and $200K in research funding for her presentation, “Activation of anticancer drug molecules with a radioactive light switch,” which seeks to make diagnostics and therapeutics more specific to cancer cells. Boros was also named a 2020 Moore Inventor Fellow by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Read the interview here.

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