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Eight SBU Students Earn Prestigious Fulbright Scholarships

Perri zilbermanPerri Zilberman

Hometown: Merrick, New York

Degree: 2021 BS in Physics and Mathematics with a minor in Astronomy

Departmental advisors/research mentors: Chang Kee Jung, physics

Zilberman received a Fulbright Research Award to Germany. His research project is, “Constraining the Extragalactic Background Light,” and he will work under Dr. David Berge at Humboldt University of Berlin. The Extragalactic Background Light (EBL) consists of all the light emitted in our universe and provides a window through which extraordinary phenomena can be studied in great detail. Historically, measuring the EBL has been extraordinarily difficult, with many of the techniques used being subject to harsh limitations. Zilberman will work to overcome these limitations, obtaining the best measurement of the EBL yet, and in turn allowing humanity to study some of the most exotic and alien astrophysical phenomena in the universe.

For his community engagement plan, Zilberman will work alongside a Berlin astronomical observatory in hosting amateur astronomy outreach events. During these events, he will show community members the awesomeness of the cosmos by teaching them how to use telescopes and showing just what the night sky can offer. Zilberman will be a PhD student following his Fulbright year in the physics department of the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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