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Eight SBU Students Earn Prestigious Fulbright Scholarships

Delicia kaminsDelicia Antoinette Kamins

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Degree: 2022 PhD student, Philosophy of Science and Phenomenology, with a minor in Philosophy of Technology

Departmental advisors/research mentors: Robert Crease and Mary Rawlinson

Kamins received a Fulbright Research Award to Germany. Kamins will be expanding on research concerning parallels between the German Idealist episto-ontological account of rational consciousness and “world,” and the episto-ontological description of reality presented by quantum mechanics. She said she could not be more excited to conduct this research at the Center for Science and Thought at the Universität Bonn in Germany, which is “a radically interdisciplinary platform designed to address urgent questions that arise at the intersection of philosophy and various natural sciences.” Her work will be supervised and advised by the Center’s Director, Marcus Gabriel.

Kamins plans to work with the local Afro-German population, with whom she hopes to create a modern take on the “pen-pal” program, which connects young people from different countries. Using social and interactive media, her goal is to connect Afro-German and African-American youth to share their unique African diasporic experiences, histories, and culture, while also discovering and celebrating similarities. The plan is to create an exchange that is self-sustaining and will lead to further and future cultural and educational exchange. Kamins previously earned a Sally Casanova Fellowship in the California State University Pre-Doctoral Program and is a Turner Fellow at SBU.

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