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Colvin Center to Host Teach-in About War in Ukraine


Teach in speaker panelA panel of experts will come together to discuss the war in Ukraine with the Stony Brook University community. In addition to experts from the Stony Brook community, it will include foreign correspondents who are actively reporting in Ukraine.

Wednesday, March 23
1-2:30 pm
Frey Hall 100

The teach-in is sponsored by the Colvin Center for International Reporting at the School of Communication and Journalism. It is an Undergraduate Colleges Expand Event. It is free and open to the public.

The conversation will feature:

  • John Frederick Bailyn, SBU linguistics professor and former co-director of the New York-St. Petersburg Institute
  • Louise Callaghan, Sunday Times of London foreign correspondent in Ukraine
  • Leonie Huddy, SBU political science professor and department chair
  • Alexander Orlov, SBU professor of material science and chemical engineering, expert to the EU Parliament and UK government on several topics including Ukraine
  • Simon Ostrovsky, PBS NewsHour special correspondent in Ukraine
  • Jonathan Sanders, SBU journalism professor and former Moscow correspondent for CBS News
  • Michael Slackman, New York Times foreign editor

Sarah Baxter, journalism instructor and Sunday Times of London reporter, will moderate the conversation.

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  • Superb and moving presentation. I felt humbled listening to the journalists and the panelists from SBU were all excellent. Many thanks for opening this up to the public which enabled my presence. Please publicize utube record of the event, I would like to refer all my complacent unengaged neighbors and friends.

  • There are few points that are mostly ignored when the so-called experts are discussing the history and primary reasons Putin took such an aggressive action. What is happening in Ukraine today these events had been happening for the past 20+ years, when Putin came into power by bombing his own people – civilian apartments and committing atrocities against the Chechen people. The response from the US, EU and NATO had been just complete silence and welcoming Putin to the summits and holding red carpet meetings for him. This further emboldened Putin who attacked Georgia in 2008 and conquered Abkhazia and Samachablo. What did the Western powers do? Absolutely nothing! Reset by the Obama Administration and warm handshakes by Merkel, total ignorance of the international laws and Putin’s war crimes against the Georgian people. What happened afterwards? Putin invaded Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. What did the Western powers do? Bare minimum of symbolic sanctions that continued to feed Putin’s war machine. Then Syria, use of chemical weapons, more atrocities… What did the Western powers do? Absolutely nothing!
    So we are here as a result of Putin’s false perception that he could chew more than he could bite and the 20+ year ignorance from the EU, US and the NATO. Today there is strong response and sanctions that will take the Russian economy back to the 1990s indicators, however it is too late and too little. Ukraine needs the Patriot missiles, S-400s, S-300s, missiles to shoot down airplanes and incoming rockets at much higher altitudes than Stingers could reach, Ukraine needs much more firepower and the ability to control and close its own skies. Lets help Zelensky establish the No Fly Zone! The Biden administration looked weak, but slowly they are starting to wake up and see the true face of evil – Vladimir Putin who is trying to restore the new Russian empire…

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