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Beyond the Expected Podcast on Preparing for Election Day

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Beyond the expected icon sb podcastA special edition of the Beyond the Expected podcast series, “Election 2020: Preparing for the Day After,” will specifically focus on how Stony Brook University is preparing everyone on campus for what they may feel or experience on Wednesday, November 4, in any of three possible scenarios — either candidate winning, or an undecided outcome.

The podcast will air on Facebook Live on Monday, November 2 at 1 pm. It will look at events and programs the University has been developing for different populations, as well as the plans we have moving forward to continue to promote our values of caring, respect and civility. Stony Brook University has been reaching out to the entire campus community with programs, services, messages and campaigns designed to ensure civil discourse and debate during one of the most contentious times in our nation’s history.

Beyond the Expected invites three experts — Interim Associate Dean of Students Jeffrey Barnett, Healthier U Director Cathrine Duffy and Associate Professor of Political Science Yanna Krupnikov — to talk about: dedicated student services and support; specific resources for employees and staff in terms of health and well-being during stressful times; and the psychology behind today’s political climate — a.k.a. why people are feeling the way they are and how they can work through divisions, fear, anxiety and uncertainty. Moderator Laura Lindenfeld, Dean of the School of Journalism, is also deeply involved in the courses the University has developed for students.

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