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Beautiful Art Was Full ‘STEAM’ Ahead at This Spring’s Crawl

Art crawl 2024
Art crawl 24 11
Each semester the campus-wide Art Crawl allows the SBU community to see art and hear from artists at Stony Brook’s many galleries and pop-up exhibitions. Photo by John Griffin.

There were 79 works of Austrian-American artist, John Winkler (1894-1979), whose etchings pay homage and portray everyday life to underrepresented groups of immigrants in America’s oldest Chinatown in San Francisco from 1916-1923.

There were student artists sharing, and shedding, emotional pain and longing through their art, including abstract works, a large decorated tent portraying the pitfalls of modern online dating, a wall covered with horseshoe crabs signifying another student artist’s childhood memories of the Jersey Shore. Various self-portraits and landscapes showcased the connections and reflections of undergraduate students’ lives. And many of the MFA and undergraduate students (with both art and STEM majors) were there to speak about their work.

There was also artwork showing the connection between science, technology, engineering, math and art (in true STEAM fashion), with titles like Art and the Quantum Moment and The Elegant Brain.

Art crawl 24 13

From the Wang Center, to Zuccaire Gallery, to the Melville Library, to the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics — with a pit stop along the way to celebrate “50 Years of LACS” (Latin American and Caribbean Studies) — the Spring 2024 Art Crawl featured all of the above and more. And students, faculty, staff, community members and others were happy to be along for the ride on March 27.

Answering a question about himself and his collection at the Wang Center — titled John William Winkler: The Chinatown Etchings — Rex Rivolo said, Art is emotion without reason. Science is reason without emotion. The two are complementary — like the yin and yang of life. So if you’re into the arts, you should look at science. And if you’re into science you should look at art.” Rivolo is a Stony Brook alum and retired astrophysicist and self-proclaimed forever art lover.

Karen Levitov, director and curator of the Zuccaire Gallery and professor of practice in the Department of Art, said, “This semester’s Art Crawl was especially lively since we had both graduate and undergraduate student artists talking about their work at the Zuccaire Gallery and Melville Library, as well as the special treat of learning about 50 years of LACS through a beautiful visual display of art and artifacts (and cake!). Put on your walking shoes and join us next semester for more art around campus!”

— Ellen Cooke

Photos by Sophia Trifoli, John Griffin and Ellen Cooke:

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