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Advocacy Corps Urges Congress to Pass FY24 Appropriations

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On February 6, Stony Brook University’s Advocacy Corps met virtually with U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s Long Island Regional Director Michael Ianelli in addition to the Senator’s Long Island Deputy Regional Director Joselyn Mejia, an SBU alumna. The Corps thanked Senator Schumer for his continued leadership on the FY24 federal budget process and urged the Senator to work with his congressional colleagues to pass FY24 appropriations bills now.

Sbu advocacy“Although short-term Continuing Resolutions (CRs) avoid a government shutdown, they are detrimental to America’s research enterprise and hinder economic growth,” said Mary Brantley, a graduate student studying public policy. “Our Stony Brook researchers and the students they work with cannot move forward working on their cutting-edge research without predictable federal funding.”

Furthermore, the Corps conveyed that a full year-CR would lead to a substantially disruptive funding environment for federal agencies, fostering uncertainty and inefficiencies, and stunting the grant process for scientific research and programs that advance student success. “Sustained growth in research funding for artificial intelligence, advanced energy, defense research, materials science, and biomedical science is critical in ensuring the United States does not lose its status as the global leader in science and innovation,” said Anastasia Poulos, a senior who is double majoring in political science and journalism. “The enactment of a long-term CR represents a significant step backwards in protecting national security and furthering America’s innovation economy.”

SBU’s Advocacy Corps meeting with Senator Schumer’s staff occurred just days after Stony Brook University President Maurie McInnis sent a letter to each member of the Long Island congressional delegation urging Congress to complete the FY24 appropriations process with robust investments for higher education and research. Part of the latest federal short-term CR expires on March 1 and the remainder sunsets on March 8.

Stony Brook’s Office of Federal Relations continues to work with Advocacy Corps, SBU leadership and the New York congressional delegation to advocate in Washington, DC, for all of SBU’s federal priorities.

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