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School of Nursing Class Notes


Maria Colandrea ’06 MS, ’14 DNP became a follow of the AANP.

Brian Gugerty ’82 is a co-lead auther of McCormick, K. Gugerty, B. & Mattison, J. (2017) Healthcare Information Technology. San Francisco: McGraw-Hill.

Margaret Kelly ’77 has retired and moved to Newport, RI.

Yun Cee Ng Dirsa ’14 recently launched a free nursing education podcast for emergency nurses called the Resus Nurse Podcast and Blog. The goal is to elevate our emergency nursing practice to provide the best chance for our sick patients.  Go to for show notes and podcast directory.

Patricia Voepel ’82 received her doctoral degree in Educational Administration from Dowling College in January 2016.

Robert Yeager ’96 received the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

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