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Two Stony Brook Students Win Prestigious NSF-GRFP Fellowships

Marlee HarrisMarlee Harris (she,her)
Hometown: Aurora, NY
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Chemistry
Undergraduate Research Advisor: Catherine Markham
Graduate Research Advisor: Sonia Harmand 

Harris, who graduated cum laude with departmental honors in anthropology, researches the connection between evolution of structures in the hominin (early human) brain for the integration of visual, sensory and motor information for bipedal walking and the earliest stone toolmaking activities. Understanding early stone toolmaking by our distant hominin ancestors requires analysis of technological markers seen on stone tools across the Early Stone Age, such as scars from flaking accidents, to better identify trends in both physiological and cognitive sophistication. 

Harris participated in the Turkana Basin Institute Field School as part of the Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Human Origins.

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