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Three Minute Thesis Competition Final is April 6

3mt 2021 winners

Three Minute Thesis (3MT), a spoken-word thesis competition held annually at Stony Brook, is an opportunity for graduate students to present their dissertation research findings to a general audience in three minutes with only one PowerPoint slide. The goal is for students to engage all their communication skills to make their research vivid and engaging while emphasizing its key point without technical terminology or field-specific jargon. 

Graduate students receive specialized coaching and professional development that uses a cohort approach to encourage peer feedback and support. The Alumni Association sponsors prizes for the best talks: First Prize: $1,000, Second Prize: $700, Third Prize: $500 and People’s Choice: $300. Talks are evaluated by a panel of judges from a range of backgrounds and disciplines for how well the speaker engages a general audience of non-specialists and can convey the excitement and innovation of their research without jargon or distortion. 

3mt 2021 winners
Last year’s 3MT winners were: First Place: Chun-Hao Pan, Molecular and Cellular Biology; Second Place and People’s Choice: Sara Santos, English; and Third Place tie: Shruti Iyer, Genetics, and Amanda Russo, Integrative Neuroscience and Psychology

The final round of this year’s competition will be held live via Zoom on Wednesday, April 6, at 4 pm and streamed on

The 2022 3MT competitors are:

Farzana Ali, Biomedical Engineering, Advisor: Christine DeLorenzo
Caitlyn Cardetti, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, Advisor: Daniel Bogenhagen
Allen Chen, Neuroscience, Advisor: Qiaojie Xiong
Xinan Chen, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Advisor: Allen Tannenbaum
Marcy Ekanayake-Weber, Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences, Advisor: Andreas Koenig
Shrin Feiz-Disfani, Computer Science, Advisor: IV Ramakrishnan
Lesia Guinn, Biomedical Engineering, Advisor: Gabor Balazsi
Moises Hassan Bendahan, Hispanic Languages and Literature, Advisor: Kathleen Vernon
Jessica Hautsch, English, Advisor: Amy Cook
Kathryn Hill, Neuroscience, Advisor: Ramin Parsey
Erwei Huang, Chemistry, Advisor: Ping Liu (BNL)
Samruddhi Jewlikar, Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Advisor: Peter Tonge
Sin-ying Lin, Clinical Psychology, Advisor: Nicholas Eaton
Yu Chung Lin, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Advisor: Miriam Rafailovich
Xiaoyang Liu, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Advisor: Yu-Chen Karen Chen-Wiegart
Devon Lukow, Genetics, Advisor: Jason Sheltzer
Alok Mishra, Computer Science, Advisor: Barbara Chapman
Philip Opsasnick, Philosophy, Advisor: Anne O’Byrne
Giancarlo Pasquini, Social and Health Psychology, Advisor: Stacey Scott
Derek Pope, Science/STEM Education, Advisor: Angela Kelly
Anthony Ripa, Computer Science, Advisor: Aaditya Rangan
Deborah Rupert, Neuroscience, Advisor: Stephen Shea
Heidi Schneider, Music, Advisor: Jeremy Little
Damion Scott, Philosophy, Advisor: Harvey Cormier
Alyssa Stansfield, Atmospheric Science, Advisor: Kevin Reed
Liu Yang, Electrical Engineering, Advisor: Petar Djuric

The winner of Stony Brook’s 3MT 2022 competition will have the opportunity to represent Stony Brook in the Northeastern regional competition.

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