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Student Affairs Issues Message on COVID Testing and the Thanksgiving Break

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Marisa Bisiani, Assistant Vice President for Student Health, Wellness, and Prevention Services has issued a message to students concerning COVID testing and the Thanksgiving holiday. The message reads as follows:

Coming Back Safe and StrongWe are committed to maintaining the health and safety of our campus community. This includes requiring COVID testing for students who, like you, live off-campus, but may come to campus for an in-person class, work on campus, or visit campus facilities. In accordance with SUNY policy, all commuter students must complete a COVID test within the 10-day period prior to the start of the Thanksgiving break. As many COVID cases are asymptomatic, meaning you can be infected, and unknowingly and unintentionally spread the disease to others, we want you to know your health status before Thanksgiving to help keep you and your family safe.

If you are a fully online student and do not visit campus for any reason, including working in an on-campus job or internship; conducting research; or visiting the library, academic buildings or any campus locations, and you will not be coming to campus between November 9-25, please fill out this exemption form. You are not required to be tested, so please disregard the information below.

You are required to obtain a COVID test between November 9-20 via one of the options below:

  1. You can obtain a COVID test at South P, located at the University entrance off of Stony Brook Road, or at any off-campus provider such as City MD. If you choose to get tested off-campus, you must upload your test result to Medicat, our Student Health Services records system, within 48 hours of receiving your result:
  2. You can obtain a convenient and free COVID saliva test on campus at one of the three locations noted below. Sign up as soon as possible for your appointment since they are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Follow the steps below to select an appointment and complete the registration process.

Note: If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, and have been released from isolation, do not get tested. If you are a student-athlete, do not participate in this testing. Instead, follow the testing schedule provided by the Sports Medicine team in Athletics.

Step 1: Choose a Test Location and Schedule a Testing Appointment

We offer three testing locations:

  • Student Activities Center (SAC) Ballroom A on West Campus: Monday through Thursday from 8:30am – 2:30pm
  • Health Sciences Center (HSC) Galleria, Level 3 on East Campus: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:30am – 2:00pm
  • Student Center at Stony Brook Southampton: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am – 2:30pm

Use this scheduler to select an appointment date, time, and location. Each time slot shows the number of appointments available. You must not have brushed your teeth or used mouthwash within 3 hours of your scheduled appointment, and cannot eat, drink, smoke or vape within 30 minutes of your appointment.

Step 2: Complete the COVID Saliva Test Registration Form
Register using this link at least two hours before your appointment;

Register using your mobile device since you will need to access that registration when you check-in to the testing location.

Only enter your name, email address, phone number, SBU ID, and date of birth on the registration form even though it asks for additional information.

  • Do not enter your health insurance information or social security number.
  • If the form prevents you from proceeding without completing a field, enter 0 (zeros) for digits and N/A for words.

After you register, you will see a prompt on your device screen that says, “Before proceeding, do you have a test kit?” The test kit will be given to you at the testing site, so ignore this message. This finalizes your registration.

If you encounter any technical issues during the registration process, please contact Dariusz Soszynski at or Ahmed Belazi at

Step 3: On the Day of your COVID-19 Saliva Test

  • Do not brush your teeth or use mouthwash within 3 hours of your appointment. Do not eat or drink anything, including chewing gum, mints, or lozenges, and abstain from smoking, vaping, or using smokeless tobacco products within 30 minutes of your appointment.
  • Before you come to the testing site, complete your health screening via the CampusClear App. You will need to show your CampusClear “Cleared” result in order to qualify for testing. Have the app open before you come in to ensure faster check-in.
  • Bring your mobile device with you to your testing location.
  • At the COVID testing location, you will be given a test kit. You will be asked to open your registration website on your mobile device and enter the kit’s barcode number. That way, we can match the registration to the specimen being collected and sent to the lab.
  • You will take a swab provided at the testing site and rub the inside of both cheeks of your mouth with the swab for 10-15 seconds under the observation of an attendant. Your sample will be left with the attendant. Watch a video demonstrating the testing process here:

Step 4: After your COVID-19 Saliva Test
Results are typically available to Student Health Services within 2-5 days after your sample is sent to the lab. Students who test negative will not be notified. Students who test positive will be notified immediately by Student Health Services and, as required by law, the information will be reported to the NYS Department of Health. Information regarding self-care will be shared for those individuals who test positive.

If you have any questions about your COVID-19 saliva test or the testing process, please refer to these FAQs for more information or you may contact Student Health Services at (631) 632-6740.

Thank you for keeping our campus community safe and healthy. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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