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SoCJ Students Investigate Important Issues Through Semester-long Projects


Uncommon sports and concussions. The intersection of fashion, fandoms and entrepreneurship. The environment. Issues of identity and school segregation.

These are just a few of the subjects advanced journalism students chose to take on in their senior reporting capstone projects. 

“These projects give our students the opportunity to use all of their journalistic knowledge and skills to answer questions that are interesting and important to them,” said Laura Lindenfeld, dean of the School of Communication and Journalism (SoCJ) and executive director of the Alda Center for Communicating Science. “Every semester, students explore a wide variety of fascinating topics, and increasingly, they win national awards for their work.”

During the semester-long reporting project, students find and pitch a newsworthy story of interest to them and receive individual attention and mentoring from their course instructor. This semester, students were mentored by Sarah Baxter, Pablo Calvi and George Giokas. The small class sizes ensure that faculty are constantly accessible to their students to help them refine and focus their work. Stories must be told across multiple media formats – text, audio, video and/or photography.

Nearly 30 students completed their capstone reporting projects this spring; a selection of stories organized by theme is below.

Environmental and Sustainability Reporting

Fashion and Business Reporting

Identity and Racial Justice Reporting

Higher Education Reporting

Sports Reporting

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