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SB Students Find Part-Time Entrepreneurial Success

Vectormarketing 1
Vector Marketing at a part-time job expo held on campus
Vector Marketing was one of the businesses at a part-time job expo held on campus.

The direct sales industry has long been recognized as a proving ground for successful business people in all occupations. It requires hard work, self-discipline, a willingness to accept challenge, and a high degree of personal responsibility. For Stony Brook students looking to earn extra cash and build upon their soft skills, entrepreneurial work provides just that.

“Working part-time in an entrepreneurial environment is a great way for students to utilize their skills and develop new ones,” said Karen Clemente, Student Employment Coordinator at the Career Center. “This in turn gives students a chance to explore potential careers while earning cash.”

An entrepreneur is typically defined as one who organizes a business venture and assumes the financial risks of it. Nevertheless, an entrepreneurship can extend beyond the definition. Anyone who has had the desire to seek and seize opportunities can be a potential entrepreneur. Like any job, being a successful entrepreneur involves dedication, perseverance, and knowledge. You are responsible for your own success. It is essential to remember that you can only profit if initiative is taken.

“I think the successes achieved are permanent ones that carry over to the real world,” said Byung Sa, a history major and part-time employee of Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery. “This includes doing your first sale with someone you have never met before, being able to have a sales record in the thousands, being able to talk to hundreds of leads over the phone, etc.”

With the help of SB students with an entrepreneurial attitude, Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery in the northeast region continues to grow. This past summer, the region saw a 19 percent increase in sales. SB students contributed highly to the cause, selling more than $46,000 worth of products during the past two years (top sellers: Boris Djurasic, Byung Sa, Corey Hester, Rahul Patel, Kathryn Alessi).

“Because at AXA Advisors, we are all independent advisors, it takes a lot of entrepreneurial spirit to build our book of business and clients,” stated Peter Kim, Financial Advisor at AXA, who started out as a part-time intern while attending Stony Brook. “In the short time I have been at AXA I have built great relationships with all my clients and built a great book of business.”

Currently recruiting interns and looking for college graduates to join the firm, Kim stated, “When hiring a student I look for three simple characteristics; intelligence, good work ethic, and a good personality.”

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