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Journalism Student Receives Stony Brook Provost’s Award for Academic Excellence

Brianne Ledda
Brianne Ledda
Brianne Ledda

Brianne Ledda, a senior journalism major from Miller Place, NY, has received the Stony Brook Provost’s Award for Academic Excellence. The award was given to 14 graduating seniors across academic programs and is one of the university’s top student recognitions.

The award is given annually to students who have shown true academic excellence in the classroom as well as in research or creative activities, and in building an academic community.

“We are proud of all our graduates, but we are especially proud of students like Brianne who have made such a difference and who promise to continue to make a difference long after they have left Stony Brook,” said Elizabeth T. Newman, vice provost for Curriculum and Undergraduate Education.

Over the course of her Stony Brook career, Ledda has distinguished herself for her leadership, her excellent reporting and her overall academic strengths. 

“When a student like Brianne comes along, it’s a bonus. She has an abiding curiosity about the world around her. She enjoys learning and isn’t afraid to speak up with pertinent questions and insightful observations,” said Irene Virag, associate dean and undergraduate program director at the School of Communication and Journalism. “When faced with obstacles, she displays a gritty determination that belies her gentle exterior. She’s a natural leader who possesses quiet confidence and is graceful under pressure. She embraces challenges and has a voracious appetite for knowledge. Brianne never disappoints.” 

Ledda is president of the School of Communication and Journalism Student Advisory Board, which advocates for students by bringing their ideas, concerns and questions to the dean and leadership team. She restarted and serves as president of the university’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Moreover, she has held leadership positions in The Statesman, Stony Brook’s student newspaper, since her freshman year, covering important university issues and helping keep the campus community informed. She is currently the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, and led its efforts to continue covering the university during the pandemic, including shifting and expanding multimedia coverage. 

As a journalist, Ledda’s work has been published in leading regional media, including Newsday, Long Island’s only daily newspaper, and WSHU, one of the region’s public radio stations. She has received several awards from leading media organizations including the Hearst Journalism Awards and the Press Club of Long Island. She has completed internships at WSHU, Royal Media and the Fire Island Chronicle. 

In addition to her journalism major, Ledda will graduate in May with minors in U.S. history and environmental studies. She has worked on research projects in Stony Brook’s ecotoxicology lab and helped the lab win a URECA grant to purchase additional lab equipment. Ledda is a member of Stony Brook’s Honors College. 

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  • Congratulations Brianne. Hard work pays off. The world is at your feet, enjoy every second. We love you…

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